Carol Vorderman’s son Cameron thanks loyal fans for support as he graduates

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Carol Vorderman’s son Cameron has responded to all the positive feedback he received online when he announced he has gained a Masters Degree.

60-year-old former Countdown star Carol gushed over her son’s life achievements online on Monday as he celebrated his academic success, taking home the qualification in Video Effects from the University of Dundee.

Carol sang her 24-year-old son’s praises – but it wasn’t an easy road for the young graduate as she revealed his bullying hell throughout school.

The mum-of-two revealed how Cameron has severe educational needs which saw him study the first five years of his educational life at a 'special school' before he changed to a mainstream school at 10 years old.

Now after the overwhelmingly positive response, Cameron has thanked her loyal legion of fans for their ongoing support throughout his studies.

He told her followers: "Thank you everyone for all your words of encouragement, it really means a lot to hear especially for people who have gone through similar things in life.

"I never thought my actions would mean so much to so many people, in the same way I never thought I would get this far in life, but that’s exactly what pushed me to do it.

"After being told and shown that I would not be able to achieve anything of significance, I started to believe it but one emotion kept me from giving up: spite."

He added: "The drive to spite all who told me I would fail, but most importantly to spite myself.

"I will keep on improving and achieving things that I never thought I would be able to, to spite the past version of myself that never thought I could.

"So if you doubt yourself, just imagine the satisfaction of proving everyone and yourself wrong.

"Because I will tell you right now, it is very satisfying," he confirmed.

Carol then explained in a video how her son struggled with his studies in the early days, but her Cameron persevered and broke the negative stigmas associated with learning disabilities.

In a video on her social media page the mathematician told her supporters: "He struggled, and when I say struggled, it was off the scale. I had to find him a special school, if you like."

But now her son has gained all the qualifications he needs to succeed in his chosen career and she couldn’t be more proud of him.

She added: "I couldn’t be more proud of him, I love him to bits but I'm also a very proud mum because I know just how much he struggled to get there.

"I suppose the message really is, for all those with special educational needs, their curve is different. It sometimes takes just a little more time but they can get there in the end."

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