Britney Spears fans floored as pop star shares clip of her real singing voice

Britney Spears has left fans shocked after she shared a video of herself singing acapella whilst doing her laundry.

The 40-year-old was sorting through her clothes and decided to share a clip on Instagram whilst doing her chores.

She typed: “This is me yesterday, doing laundry and separating clothes. I haven’t shared my voice in an extremely long time, maybe too long, and here’s me playing at my house with a different version of ‘Baby’.”

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Brit continued: “The word as in words, show me how you want it to be, tell me baby because I need to know, give me a f****** sign, hit me baby, one more time!”

Throughout the video, the singer filmed herself standing in the mirror while she gave a deeper rendition of the popular song.

First released in 1998, Spears explained to her 41.8 million followers that she had originally fought for an alternative version of the song to be released.

However, she was unable to bring this idea to fruition due to personal and professional constraints placed upon the popstar.

The singer told fans that the “team said no” and instead “served her with four girls,” which also included her sister, to do “a five minute version of four remixed songs”.

She claimed that they didn’t “give effort or dance,” they simply “shot it beautifully” and the “sound was new”.

Spears continued: “They ruined it for me, embarrassed me and made me feel like absolutely nothing! The truth is a f****** b****! I share this because I am aware of my love and passion to sing and my own family made a fool of me. I’m not going to be the victim. Hit me baby one more time?”

Author Mark Hughes has said that when Britney first entered the recording studio, her voice was “much deeper than her highly recognisable trademark” sound.

Producer Eric Foster White worked with Brit to create her unique voice but fans were clearly excited to hear her “real” singing and left her compliments in the comments.

One fan said that it was “incredible” to hear her “real voice,” while another said that they “loved” her “natural” sound and how “comfortable” she was “showing it to the world”.


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