Boy Georges jail penpal nearly had sex with his brother in star’s £17m mansion

Boy George’s prison penpal has confessed she partied with the I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! star after his release – and dated his brother.

Playwright Vicki McKellar – author of The Marilyn Conspiracy – became the Culture Club singer’s "number one fan" when she was just six years old, and spent years following him “everywhere – from TV appearances to airports”.

She also sat in every single day of his trial for assault and false imprisonment of a male escort at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

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Vicki was “shocked and devastated” when George was handed a 15-month custodial sentence at the trial, after pleading not guilty to the charges.

He was released after just four months for good behaviour, and spent time in an ankle tag.

Explaining how she first met the star, Vicki said: “When Karma Chameleon hit No1 a year later, I first met George. It was in Brent Cross shopping centre when the whole band were signing their first book, When Cameras Go Crazy. George signed my book I nearly passed out when he kissed me.

“The next time I met George was outside Red Bus recording studios. I pushed my way through the crowd of fans, and George told my mum she looked like Elizabeth Taylor! She was so chuffed!”

Things went from simple fan encounters to more meaningful relationships, with Vicki explaining that during George’s trial she decided to send a Facebook friend request to his brother Kevin.

“It was such a shock when George got jailed. The judge gave him a 15-month sentence and no one was expecting it to be that long. Kevin had a meltdown. He put his head in his hands and fell to his knees.

“I felt so bad for him and the whole O’Dowd family. George was not only Kevin’s employer, but also his baby brother who he loved dearly.”

Eventually, Kevin asked Vicki out on a date, and they agreed to meet for coffee.

She gushed: “Kevin later took me to George’s Hampstead mansion… a place I’d been outside frequently as a fan!

“The inside of the house was exquisite. But also very George!

“It was super comfy and had paintings all over the walls. Once you walked into the hall you were met by the staircase, which spiralled up to the very top of the house, which was once a gothic church.

“George bought the place for £250,000 in 1984. He later purchased the mansion next door and merged them into one. It's now on the market for £17million!

“I remember using George’s downstairs toilet for the first time and thinking, ‘This is unreal. I'm in my idol's home, sitting on his loo!’”

Things quickly turned steamy from there, however, with Vicki adding: “After that I followed Kevin into George's kitchen. He came over and sat next to me, and told me he loved me.

“Then we kissed… very passionately! I had to stop it there, as there was no way I was going to let things go any further in George's house when he was in prison at the time.”

Vicki and Kevin dated for a year until their romance fizzled out – but she kept in touch with George, and wrote to him while he was behind bars, wanting to support him through his “darkest days”.

“I sent George a book called Only Love is Real: Soulmates Reunited by Doctor Brian Weiss. I knew George was spiritual and that he’d love it.

“George wrote back to me straight away and I treasure that letter to this day.”

The letter read: “Dear Vicki. Bless you for your lovely letter and support during this surreal chapter. Thank you also for the book, which I shall add to my extensive library.

“It’s a perfect gift because I am doing tons of reading, prison provides the perfect opportunity.

“Please trust that I am in good spirits and looking forward to the future.

“God bless you and lots of love to you and all those you love. Cheers! G.”

Later, George invited Vicki to his 48th birthday party, despite not being allowed to leave his house after a 7pm curfew.

Describing the surreal party, Vicki revealed: “After dancing in his garden and singing Buddhist songs, as well as his own hit, Bow Down Mister, we all de-camped to the lounge.

“George stood right on the very borders of his living room, asking: ‘Am I alright to stand here? Will I get dragged back to prison if I put a toe over?”

She even attended a Sunday dinner at George’s mum’s house, where he played her a demo of his track Lights.

Now Vicki is best known for her work on The Marilyn Conspiracy, a gripping new drama setting out evidence that Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe was murdered.

After success at the Edinburgh Fringe, the play is set to be launched in London next year.


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