Blackpink star abandoned concert mid-song and didnt return

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Blackpink are currently playing music around Australia, but disaster struck over the weekend during their show at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena.

Their concert, which took place on Sunday, June 11, 2023, was briefly interrupted when one of the band members, Jennie Kim, rushed off of the stage.

The singer, who is 27-years-old, was in the middle of performing the band’s fifth song of the night, Lovesick Girls, before putting her hands on her head and rushing off of the stage.

The three remaining band members let their pal exit the stage before making an announcement of their own.

Singer Roseanne Park – Rosé – told their fans 15,000 fans: “It seems that we will be proceeding with the rest of the show without Jennie.”

Rosé went on to add: “However, we will try our best to fill the stage up for you guys and give you the best night. In the meantime, our hearts will be with Jennie, supporting her.”

The Daily Mail reported that Rosé previously told fans Jennie had “skipped the band’s soundcheck” session.

She added that the star was “not feeling too well today”.

Blackpink’s management went on to tell Jennie was “unable to complete the stage due to her deteriorating condition”.

They said in a statement: “Jennie expressed her strong determination to carry on with the performance until the end. However, following medical advice on site, we immediately took measures to ensure she receives ample rest and stability.

“Jennie has conveyed her regrets for not being able to stay with the fans until the end, and assures that she will recover as soon as possible.”

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Blackpink’s management added: “We will do [our] utmost to support Jennie’s speedy recovery. We would like to ask for your understanding once again.”

The Korean band are due to play BST’s Hyde Park later this year where they will be supported by Caity Baser, Recca Black, Peach PRC and Mazie.

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