Beyonce Looks Visibly Mad Over Renaissance Horse Malfunction in Viral Video

Queen Bey had her first major ‘Renaissance World Tour’ screw-up during one of her performances in Amsterdam and a viral video caught the star looking so ‘pissed’ over the mistake.

AceShowbizBeyonce Knowles was left unimpressed by her stage crew during her “Renaissance World Tour” stop in Amsterdam on Sunday, June 18. The singing diva had stage malfunction during one of her performances and a viral video caught the star looking so “pissed” over the mistake.

The video saw Queen Bey staying seated atop a silver, dazzling horse that matched her outfit during her entire “Summer Renaissance” performance. She was supposed to get off the horse amid the performance, but her crew missed their cue to help her down.

At one point, one crew member reached up to help Bey. The “America Has a Problem” singer, however, could be seen pushing his hand away. The wife of Jay-Z later moved her microphone to the side before apparently mouthing, “Oh my God!” at the worker.

After the video went viral, social media users immediately shared their opinions on the mishap, which many claimed to be the first major “Renaissance World Tour” screw-up. “the only thing we know about the last show is that Beyonce fired someone from her team,” one user joked. “if Beyonce was THIS upset with me, i’d crawl in a corner & cry forever,” another person added.

“this was a lot… the crew in the photo, dancers where they’re not supposed to be, reneigh [the horse’s name] and beyonce still on the ground, beyonce slapping the crew members hand after they tried to tug on her, her pushing the stair case away cause she was pissed off… this show was chaotic…,” a fan commented.

“Oh Beyonce was MAD, she kicked her foot hard as HELL,” one other pointed out. Another said, “I never seen Beyonce this pissed on stage in my life. The whole stage crew going home with no money.”

One concertgoer, however, said that the mishap was barely noticeable that night. “We didn’t even notice it last night. If this video wasn’t posted I wouldn’t even know she had technical difficulties,” the fan shared. Some others, meanwhile, praised the mom of three for being able to mostly keep her cool.

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