Youve been baking pizza wrong as man smashes frozen dough for perfect slices

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A man has shared an incredible "food hack" for all pizza lovers who wanted to save time with cutting their slices.

Conan Harkin loves his frozen pizza but realises a problem every time he takes them out from the oven – it's not pre-cut.

To solve the dilemma, he came up with a hack to speed up the time of preparation so he could enjoy the food straight after baking.

"Break the pizza before cooking so you don't have to cut it after," he said.

And in the video he shared on TikTok, he showed viewers how he does it without any cutlery.

He places the pizza on the kitchen table top and presses it against the edge, breaking the pizza in half.

Then he turns it around mid-way and breaks it again, cutting the food into four equal slices.

After all, Conan removes the plastic packaging and puts them in the oven for about 10 minutes before he gets to enjoy a quick bite of it.

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The hack went viral online and people have been trying the hack to see if it works.

Many people were surprised to find the "pre-cut hack" doing the trick, with one saying: "I mean, it's just so simple, we never thought out of it."

A second wrote: "Immediately after the first fold, audibly said 'no way'."

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But some called it a "hack I didn't know I need", and one teased: "Because cutting the pizza is so difficult."

"Put it in a blender and you don't have to chew," another joked.

A third noted: "This is not gonna work, the cheese is still going to melt and have to be cut."

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