Your Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for January

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It’s been a hell of a year, but you made it to the other side—happy 2021, Aquarius darling! The month kicks off with a New Moon in Capricorn on January 13, activating the area of your chart associated with psychic powers, clairvoyance, and all that exists between the cracks of reality. You know…NBD. With so many planets now in your sign (Mercury! Jupiter! Saturn! Oh my!) the next few months are going to be electrically charged, so this velvety lunation offers an opportunity to find your footing. Before you begin a new journey, you need to know exactly where you stand! With the New Moon activating the most mystical area of your chart, you can be sure that your sixth sense will be working overtime, so be sure to get plenty of sleep.

Next, a powerful connection between generous Jupiter (in your sign!) and progressive Uranus occurs on January 17. As the alignment actualizes, you may feel like your reputation is on the line—why are you being forced to choose between your identity and stability? The circumstances may seem more high-stakes than usual, so If you want to set the record straight, it’s a good idea to put your thoughts in writing. After all, receipts are indisputable!

On January 19, the Sun slides into your own slice of the cosmos—happy solar return, Aquarius darling! (That’s how astrologers say “happy birthday.”) With the Sun now shining in your sign, you’re finally feeling connected to your signature sensibilities. You’re plotting the revolution! You’re thrilled to use your birthday season as an excuse to stand on your soapbox and share your thoughts on a few issues that have been really grinding your gears. Send a calendar invite to ensure your community is present (and listening)! But, in addition to extremely overdue socio-political reform, you’ve been desperately craving some alone time. So after you get a few hundred signatures on that poll, be sure to allocate time in the next few weeks to go off the grid. Rest is absolutely essential!

Then, on January 28, this year’s only Full Moon in Leo activates your partnership zone, which means you can anticipate massive revelations about your existing bonds. So who’s your cosmic plus-one? Interpersonal dynamics can be difficult, but you’ll never turn down a good challenge. Under this sky, consider how the energy flows between you and your closest companions—when in doubt, make a list of both what you “get” and “give” within these relationships. The columns don’t have to be even, but the exchange should be balanced!

Finally, the month concludes when Mercury puts its thing down, flips it, and reverses it. That’s right, Aquarius love, Mercury Retrograde begins on January 30—and this time, the planet of communication is moving through your sign! While this backwards motion can feel like a drag, it’s actually a wonderful-timed celestial reversal, perfect for rumination, reflection, and (perhaps most importantly) stargazing. The cosmos are inviting you to recharge, so don’t let the offer pass you by! Sure, miscommunications and malfunctions may be inevitable…but after a year like 2020, a few incorrectly addressed emails is nothing you can’t handle. You got this, Aquarius!

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