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Kate Hudson is really the ray of sunshine that we deserve after a chaotic year. We know her for her mostly up-beat, bubbly characters, like Andie Anderson in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Penny Lane in Almost Famous (okay, that one was a bit dark beneath the surface). And Hudson wants you to know, she gets sad just like everyone else.

"I always think it also might be the number-one misconception of my personality, you know, is that I'm just always happy," she tells InStyle's Editor in Chief Laura Brown during this week's episode of Ladies First with Laura Brown. "When in fact, like, I'm actually quite dramatic, and you know, I've been through a lot of my own stuff, and I am not always happy. But I do have an optimistic gene. I must have gotten that from my mom. For me it's like a survival mechanism, you know? I'm definitely a pick up your bootstraps kind of person."

Hudson also graces the cover of our March issue looking every bit the ray of sunshine we think her to be. The mom of three glows and playfully poses (alongside her adorable daughter Rani Rose in a few shots) in colorful clothing set to vibrant backgrounds outdoors. The perfect transition into spring.

And you know what actually is groundbreaking for spring? '90s grunge. Brown dubbed Hudson's look in the cover story as "90s rave" — Hudson agreed, then admitted that's a subject she knows a little too much about.

Kate Hudson on Choosing Happiness: Episode 10: February 2, 2021

InStyle Ladies First with Laura Brown

Duration: 37:22 minutes

This podcast may contain cursing that would not be appropriate for listeners under 14. Discretion is advised.

"I only went to raves because I was at certain festivals with certain guys I had kids with," she laughed on Ladies First with Laura Brown. And Kate Hudson is no stranger to the music world. For starters, the fathers of her children are all musicians, so she jokes that she's "been to a lot of concerts."

"I mean, I spent my entire twenties on a bus. Chris [Robinson] was playing gigs, or I was working and we were working somewhere," she tells Brown. "And my ex, he plays, like he really tours. And then, you know, I met Bing's dad [Muse's Matt Bellamy] and he toured a lot."

But on the other hand, Hudson has quite the musical background herself, which may come as a surprise to some. She opens up about music during the InStyle March cover story, saying singing was her "number one passion," that sort of got kicked to the curb when her acting career took off. But she's getting a second-go at singing in her upcoming film Music, written and directed by singer songwriter Sia, in which Hudson plays Zu, the troubled half-sister of a young autistic girl named Music (played by Maddie Ziegler).

"When you are a performer, you do everything," she says in InStyle's March issue. "You dance, you sing, you act, and you try to make these skills go together. That's all I wanted to do. I wanted to sing, I wanted to dance, and then I wanted to act." She adds that she never "really got to fulfill" her musical side.

She also ponders if, during her childhood, music reminded her too much of her estranged father, musician Bill Hudson.

"We've had a challenging relationship, and when you're young, it's a lot," she tells Brown. "And in moments like that, it's like a choice. What am I going to choose here? Am I going to choose to carry unworthiness and a lack of feeling loved with me? Or am I going to choose to kind of understand it and figure out what my insecurities are and all of these things, and it takes work to feel good. What is life worth living if you can't enjoy it?"

So while this troubled past is probably one of the things that can occasionally put a damper on her ray-of-sunshine persona, she has a pretty positive outlook. But with a mother like Goldie Hawn (whom she calls "my everything") and a stepfather like Kurt Russell, she grew up with some pretty great role models.

She also uses things like glamour as an escape. Adding that those kind of things do actually matter to her.

"I would say if there was a vanity from like 1 to 10, it would, it would escalate, right? It would depend on the day, right? If it's the Golden Globes or the Oscars, I'm like a ten and a half," she says. She continues, "Like it matters to me if I've got a pimple on my face. I'm like, 'Oh my God! It's the Golden Globes in two days!' And I'm not gonna lie about that. I love fashion and I love fantasy and I love glamour and I think glamour is fantasy."

Despite her immense success in the entertainment industry, not to mention her soaring business Fabletics that she co-founded in 2013, Hudson tells Brown, she's really not all that ambitious.

"It's two things. It's my spiritual side, and it's my creative side," she says. "They kind of come together and it's like, if it's meant to happen, it's meant to happen. And if someone doesn't want me or if they do want me, then I'm the right person for the job." She adds, "I think I'd be really unhappy if I was ambitious because I'd feel so let down all the time. Actors are rejected all the time. And [that's] something I'm very comfortable with."

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