‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Episode 3: Craziest Moments and Burning Questions, From Beths Bloody Bottle Battle to a Magnificent Mustache

Last week’s season premiere of “Yellowstone” was very dramatic: John Dutton (Kevin Costner) became the governor and already hates it, Beth (Kelly Reilly) has Jamie (Wes Bentley) under her thumb, and Monica (Kelsey Asbille) loses her child in a freak car accident.

Things are still high-impact in Episode 3, and Variety gathered loose thoughts, burning questions and key moments from the episode. Read below and chime in with the scenes that had you yelling “Yee-Haw!”

  • “Yellowstone” is letting their favorite targets have it early in this episode: The wolves are from Canada, the scientist is telling everyone not worry, the media is stoking fears.
  • I know this wouldn’t happen, but it’d be fun to see Young John Dutton (Josh Lucas) squaring off with Old John Dutton in some sort of “Back the the Future”-esque episode.
  • Beth: Please don’t tell your father all about your first threesome! Your family has wild boundaries, but still!
  • It’s so jarring to see these U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service guys boss around Rip (Cole Hauser), who traditionally does all of the bossing around. I’m not convinced they’re going to be any real threat though.
  • Intrigued that Kayce (Luke Grimes) might be moving into a government role that keeps him closer to his siblings. Let’s get ’em all together!
  • Monica has dealt with so much trauma that I’m concerned about her even cutting vegetables with a sharp knife — she could accidentally lop off a finger on top of everything else! Maybe part of Kayce’s path can be to help out in the kitchen more.
  • Jamie not asking the lawyers if they want anything to drink and getting coffee for himself was a wonderfully rude move.
  • “I believe the legal term for that is battery, by the way…” All hail Jamie, a petty king.
  • Jamie, you obviously will fall in love with Sarah Atwood (Dawn Olivieri) and be manipulated by her, but try not to!
  • For a new governor, John sure does have a lot of time to stand around and stare at his land.
  • It’s intriguing to have Chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) have a fiery political opponent in Martin Kills Many (Christian Wassana). It always seemed like there was a lot more that could be examined in terms of reservation politics. It looks like we’re headed in that direction.
  • It’s always fun when Beth has an intellectual near-equal to deal with, in this case Rob (Aaron Lazar), whose great delivery of “There’s a rattlesnake somewhere in this deal, Beth. Care to point it out?” proved that she couldn’t walk all over him as she does everyone else.
  • Also, Beth’s obsession with smoking cigarettes in clearly smoke-free places — what a gift. Shine on, you crazy diamond.
  • “There is zero risk to you.” Love Beth, but has a Dutton ever said this and meant it?
  • “I am the rattlesnake, but you’re not who I’m going to bite.” Great Beth quote alert!
  • Rip saying no to Beth organizing a bar trip for the bunkhouse? Have you met her, sir?
  • Wow, look at the mustache on Rip’s friend at the bar! How long did it take for him to sculpt that magnificent specimen?
  • Alas, the poor woman who though it would be a good idea to hit on Rip.
  • How bad of a bar fight would have to erupt for singer Isaac Hoskins (playing himself) to stop playing guitar? Now that’s commitment to your gig!
  • What a great final scene, with Beth, unprovoked, winding up and punching Hailey Brewer (Ashley Platz) one last time in front of all of the cops.
  • As much as I support Beth and Rip, his “Do you know who I am?” energy towards the cop makes me lose all empathy. Let her go to jail for the night! She’s rich…she’ll be fine, trust me.
  • Beth straining to give Hailey the finger in her cuffs is a nice cherry on top.

See you next Sunday night!

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