XXXTentacion’s Mom Gifted Diamond & Sapphire Pendant Of His Face

It’s been four years since XXXTentacion’s death, but his legacy continues to live on, especially where his mother is concerned. Cleopatra Bernard was gifted a sapphire-encrusted pendant featuring the rapper’s likeness.

According to TMZ, Eric the Jeweler created the piece and it was bought by Mr. Ruggs, an Atlanta restaurant owner who is dating XXXTentacion’s mother and gave it to her as a gift. Cleopatra reportedly had her eye on the piece for some time before her boyfriend purchased it through Mavani Jewelry in New York.

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Though the price of the price is unknown, the pendant features over 200 diamonds, 200 grams of gold, and 50 carats of blue sapphires, arranged to resemble the rapper’s famous blue locks. Enamel paint was used to capture the details in XXTentacion’s face.

XXXTentacion was gunned down in a parking lot in June 2018. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Several people have been arrested and charged with his killing.

Another way that Cleopatra is keeping her son’s memory alive is helping promote Hulu’s film Look at Me, which debuted in March and goes into detail about XXTentacion’s life.

“An exploration of how Florida teenager Jahseh Onfroy became rapper XXXTentacion, one of the most streamed artists on the planet,” the IMDB description reads. “Through archival footage and interviews from friends and family, filmmakers explore the artist’s impact.”

Many of XXXTentacion’s friends and family speak on his behalf in the film, including his mother.

The Hulu documentary doesn’t hold back in exploring the difficulties in XXTentacion’s life, but Cleopatra previously said this is intentional. She hopes it helps his fans better relate to and understand his art.

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“I don’t think it’s gonna change the image and that wasn’t our intent,” she explained. “Our intent was to humanize him. I do think it will do that. … We’ve all done crazy shit in our lives at one point or another, just not in front of a camera so I think people will be able to relate.”

She continued, “Like he was so much more than an artist. He also did a lot of charity work that wasn’t put in there. The pregnancy test, they did not include that at all. And this was blood paperwork from the hospital to show that the young lady was never pregnant.”

Cleopatra added, “The film is supposed to be truthful all across the board and I felt like, and he felt like, that should have been something that they should have spoke more on.”

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