Woman’s genius hack uses cheap cooling racks to hang up jewellery in her closet

There's nothing more annoying than going to your jewellery stash and finding your necklaces all tangled up.

Now one woman has shared a clever hack which involves purchasing some cheap cooling racks for the job.

Just think of the cooling racks you'd use in the kitchen, imagine how useful they'd be your wardrobe too.

The Australian woman revealed she was pleased with the end result after snapping up the metal racks for cheap.

Once she popped them in her wardrobe, the woman was able to hang her necklaces without a hassle.

She picked up the racks from her local Australian bargain store Kmart, where it was £4.50 for two.

Sharing it on Facebook, in the Kmart Home Decor and Hacks Australia group, she said: "Thank you Kmart!

"Love the final outcome of my hack. Cooling racks spray painted and paper clips to attach necklaces. Love it."

And it was no surprise that other members of the group were amazed by the idea.

One wrote: "Great idea! Thank you I'm going to use this one."

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Another added: "Now that's a cute idea. Will work with some earrings too."

And a third commented: "Wow. I've been trying to think of something for my necklaces. That's it thanks so much."

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