Womans game-changing hack to remove blue crayon uses hairdryer and cloth

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If you’ve got children you know how messy and unpredictable things can get, after all, little fingers get into everything, even when they know they shouldn’t.

One mum came home to find her children had taken it upon themselves to redecorate her previously white walls with their artwork.

Using every colour in the crayon box, the tots left their mark. While the mum begged the internet for help removing it.

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She was given recommendations including using a spray mop on the walls – none of which worked.

But one woman dueted the video to share a ‘game changing’ hack for removing the wax and to prove it works she drew on her walls.

Posting under the username Patriciamillions, the woman wrote in blue crayon on her wall ‘use heat’ and even underlined it for emphasis.

Captioning the video, Patricia said: “Use your hairdryer and a microfibre cloth! It's so fast and easy."

People in the comments were left stunned by the simple yet effective solution.

"This is a game-changer," one user commented.

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One person said: “Wow. That’s the best thing in the world.”

Another added: “This actually just saved so much of my furniture and walls thank you.”

One mum wondered: “How did I get through four kids without any doing this?”

“Wish I’d have seen this before I applied pink stuff to it. I need to paint a whole room now,” another mum fumed.

Another person asked for help removing pen from walls, to which Patricia responded: “Pen comes off great with hand sanitiser."


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