Womans charity shop jackpot buying 18ct gold bangle for 10p and she says how

A gemstone lover made a profit after a trip to her local charity shop and bagged herself an 18ct gold bangle.

The TikToker, who expresses in her profile that "minerals are my world", shared a secret that she found while browsing in a charity shop.

Walking into the store and showing a sign saying "all items only £1", she hinted: "This charity shop has a secret, let's go straight to the jewellery to find out."

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As she headed to the back of the store, she found a basket full of mismatched jewelleries – bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces and rings.

"Because the secret is in this box – I bought these 10 bracelets, but only one has a secret," the eagle-eyed shopper said while trying to cut the tag.

She then quickly skimmed through the batch of gold-toned accessories and picked up one with leave engraving.

"This is the one I want…why? It's 18ct gold, gorgeous!" she added.

Some viewers were struggling to find the difference and asked how she could tell, and the woman said: "It was the colour that gave it away."

The bracelet also has a "750" mark engraved – meaning it's 75% pure or 18ct in gold.

"Lucky find! That looks lovely," one commented.

Another wrote: "I got a rose gold chain once for £15 and a Chinese good luck coin pendant for a tenner, both turned out to be 10ct, worth £260 for both."

Others asked how much is that gold bangle worth and the TikToker briefly did the calculation and replied: "It weighs six grams, so 18ct here is about £30 per gram. So that's about £200."

As the price of gold fluctuates according to the market, her bangle would make about £216 nowadays.

For a 10p bangle, that's definitely a great bargain!


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