Woman with botched Botox shares recovery tips, but still loves injections

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These remedies may raise an eyebrow, but this influencer swears they’re helping.

Following a botched Botox treatment this month, Chicago-based beauty blogger Whitney Buha has been documenting the ongoing effects on her face and, now, tips she’s received from professionals on how to accelerate her recuperation. 

Her drooping eyelid was the result of ptosis, a condition that can be caused by incorrectly injected Botox.

“Tips I’ve been given to speed up the recovery for my eyelid ptosis due to Botox being injected into the wrong spot,” Buha captioned a video of herself in which her right eye is visibly different and far smaller than her left.

After getting the treatment at a local medspa, Buha initially tried to hide the bungled Botox from her more than 78,000 Instagram followers by covering her right eye and sagging, archless eyebrow.

Roughly a week after the procedure, the droop got worse, at which point Buha became scared it “was going to be permanent” and impact her vision.

“In all honesty this is super embarrassing and makes me extremely self-conscious about my face,” Buha captioned one recent video.

However, she said some hacks from pros have been helping. Buha emphasized that the tips were recommended to her by medical professionals — although she is not one herself — and include working out, vibrations to the area, microcurrents, hot compresses, steaming, using the sauna, acupuncture, prescription eye drops and “two additional units of Botox to my lash line.”

When people noticed Buha was hiding the eye with her hair, though, she decided to be transparent and report on her frustrating experience instead of trying to gloss over it.

“People are so invested in this and want to know what’s happening,” Buha told BuzzFeed.

While upsetting, the incident hasn’t entirely turned Buha off from Botox, which she told BuzzFeed she’s been getting approximately twice a year since entering her 30s. 

“If you have Botox and it’s done right, I love it,” she said. “It looks great. It makes me feel better.”

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