Woman with 38J boobs celebrates Queens Jubilee in skimpy Union Jack bikini

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As the Platinum Jubilee kicks off, many people around the UK are celebrating the Queen’s long 70 years on the throne.

Most may be toasting Her Majesty with a tea and scone, others may be knocking back a few tipples at a street party.

But for Busty Malone, she has other plans up her sleeve.

The buxom babe, real name Shirley Flynn, is no stranger to flaunting off her 38J chest to her 30,000 drooling Instagram followers.

With her boob-tastic name and her bouncy assets, the 40-something from the West Midlands has decided to honour the special celebration by doing what she does best.

Busty Malone has paraded her breasts in an array of Union Jack embroidered bikinis to show her respect to the reigning monarch.

Exclusively to the Daily Star, Busty Malone has shared why she thinks all British women should flaunt the flag on their boobs this bank holiday weekend.

The babe explained: “I think the Queen’s Jubilee is a great way to celebrate our longest serving monarch for 70 years and the next generation to experience this historical moment in British history.

“Our Queen is now 96 and it may be her last one or the last we will ever see in our lifetime, and it brings all our nations together.

“Women should get out our flags, wearing anything Union jack even underwear bikinis or body paint their whole bodies with pride.

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“Red for passion strength and power, blue boldness and for the boys in blue that help serve over our British nation and white for peace and love."

Shirley doesn't just get her ‘flags out’ for the Queen – but on any occasion to proudly represent the country.

Busty Malone shared: “I always wear my flags to represent my country even for the world and European Cup.

"Boobs represent power, they make a strong bold statement both to women and men, the Union Jack makes them stand out with even more power."

And it seems that British women and their Union Jack clad boobs are quite the force to be reckoned with according to the babe.

“British girls are special, we are very well spoken and come from a historical background of Kings and Queens. We are in a country of royalty so we all should be treated like we are royalty,” she claimed.

“Men around the world love us; they swarm us like bees following their queen bee.

“With British women, unlike most women around the world, we are privileged to be born with a queen as we have a queen to represent us and our country.”

Well it seems if God doesn’t save the Queen, then a barrage of Union Jack decorated boobs will…

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