Woman shares reality of camera ready shots as she posts two pics seconds apart

Social media can be a difficult place to be at times.

Often we compare ourselves to others and forget the true importance of self-love.

One woman is on a mission to change the perception of online and she's doing a really good job at it.

Georgie Clarke has over 703,000 followers on Instagram where she often shares the reality of social media posts.

In her latest upload shared on Monday, the influencer urged fans to "stop that negative talk" when it creeps into your head.

She shared two photos, one where she was "camera ready", while the other she was "not camera ready".

Her caption read: "There are countless shots of me when I'm not quite what we would call 'camera ready'.

"And no I don't feel bad about them anymore.

"I used to sit and obsessed over these pictures for hours, delete and go into my deleted folder to ensure no one ever saw them.

"I would ensure every post was hidden, de-tagged or deleted."

She went onto say how one person could see you as "beautiful" in the picture, even when you despise yourself.

Speaking about the second snap, Georgie added that she was "testing the light" while water spilt down her legs.

The influencer explained: "My body angle wasn't looking the most flattering and I was bloated AF because I'm PMSing.

"It's normal to have pictures like these, the trick is… to never ever let that negative talk come into your mind and take over."

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She concluded: "Because 20 seconds later – with the perfect lighting, angle and post – I took a great picture.

"So stop that negative talk as soon as it creeps into your head.

"You are not the only person who has felt this way and learning to love yourself is a journey that requires patience and compassion.

"You deserve that from yourself, your self-worth does deserve to feel bad over a picture you weren't ready for or happy with you."

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Unsurprisingly, Georgie's post was praised as it racked up over 10,900 likes in the space of 18 hours.

One fan hailed: "Thank you for the encouragement. I definitely needed this."

Another added: "I just love you," while a third commented: "I just love you."

And a fourth wrote: "Always camera ready you gorgeous human."

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