Woman shares husband’s unique way of eating an apple where he uses a spoon

Some might like to chop their apples into pieces, while others scoff them in a few bites.

One man, however, has decided to chomp down one of his five-a-day in a very unique way and it's got people talking.

The fella's wife shared it on Reddit in the Mildly Infuriating thread, where she posted a photo of the crime.

She wrote: "My husband eats [his] apple with a spoon. Reddit, please give it to him straight."

In the photo, it shows half of an apple with the inside scooped out with a spoon.

Although it might look unique, some reckon this method is easier on the teeth.

Since it was shared earlier this week, the post racked up 67,200 upvotes and 3,900 comments.

While the majority of Reddit users praised the man for his efforts, some were quite confused.

One wrote: "My grandma used to do this because it's easier on the teeth.

"I tried it and won't go back. It's also way less messy. You can use the tongs of the fork to stab 4 rows at a time, just lift and profit."

Another added: "I love it, no more apple peel getting stuck in my teeth."

A third commented: "This is actually highly efficient if you don't like the exterior flesh of the apple.

"Just crack it open like a cold one, grab a spoon and go at. Cheers!"

While a fourth, who wasn't pleased with the woman outing her partner, wrote: "If it works for him, why make him change?"

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And a confused Reddit user posted: "This is kind of impressive. Weird and unnecessarily complicated, but impressive."

But another wasn't having any of it, as they added: "No, just use your hands."

So what do you make of this man's technique? Let us know in the comments section below…

It comes after a woman was branded a "visionary" as she showed off her unusual way of eating duck pancakes.

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