Woman reveals how she tells her date she's no longer interested – and all it takes is one word

IF YOU'VE ever been left on read before, you know how much it can sting.

But sometimes, people feel like it's the only way to show someone that they are no longer interested.

It can be difficult to explicitly tell a person that you don't feel like talking to them anymore, but it can also feel downright mean to just ghost someone.

Well, a woman named Ainsley McPhail believes she has the perfect solution to this dilemma.

She shared a video with the caption: "Is this a toxic trait, or am I justified?"

"What I do if I never want to speak to you again," she said to the camera, "is just say 'Ok!' Even if it doesn't make sense to the conversation, it's just acknowledging whatever you've said. It's a good conversation ender and that's just how it's gonna end forever."

Ainsley claimed this is a nicer alternative to ghosting someone.

"So if I say, 'Ok!' you will never hear from me again. But I didn't ghost you!"

While many viewers said they use similar strategies, one commented: "People are uncomfortable. They figure I'll ignore you and you'll get the pic, but in reality, we should say, 'sorry but I don't see this happening.'"

Ainsley agreed with the comment, and added that she "just likes joking around."

Ghosting is a popular topic on TikTok, and many other users have shared their own experiences in dealing with unreciprocated feelings.

One woman, @niki_patton, posted a video that offered potential reasons for why you got ghosted: "Number one: they just weren't interested and literally did not know how to say that to you.

"Number two: they might have randomly lost interest, which honestly is one of the worst situations. And number three: it's possible you might have come on too strong when you were talking to them and it just kind of freaked them out."

But she doesn't want you to get discouraged too quickly.

Her parting words in the clip were: "By the way, if it's a short-term ghost, like a day or something, they might just be trying to get your attention."

Moral of the story: it's no fun getting ghosted.

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