Woman overhears builder making x-rated remark to pal and cant stop laughing

A woman had to muffle her laughter when she overheard some builders having some highly risqué banter right outside her bedroom window.

In a hilarious video on TikTok, Australian student Cat @cat_astrophik is lying in bed filming her reaction as two men joke around on the scaffolding just outside her university home in Sydney.

As the blokes discuss how they should carry out their work, one of them cheekily says to the other: "Give it to me Daddy."

The other bloke replies: "That's someone's bedroom right here, they're probably listening like what the f*** is going on."

At this, Cat erupts into laughter she has to muffle with her duvet.

She writes in the caption: "The way I couldn't even laugh out loud cos my window was half-open… I had to stay silent."

Cat says in her video she started recording because the men were having a hilarious conversation and she caught the banter at the perfect moment.

Since she uploaded the clip on TikTok it has been watched more than 7 million times and people are in stitches at the antics of the "tradies" – slang for tradesmen in Australia.

One user commented: "I had tradies next door and they had to take down the fence at my bedroom window and they kept pulling each other's pants down."

"Aussie trades should have their own TV show," joked a second viewer.

Someone else said: "I would have been like 'DADDY GIVE IT TO HIM' then ran off."

But someone else blasted it as "so unprofessional while people are at home".

This comes after a woman described feeling humiliated when workmen found a "rotting" sex toy in her attic she reckoned must have been left behind by the home's previous owner.

And another lass accidentally asked her plumber if she could "w***" in the same room as him in a cringe autocorrect fail.

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