Woman leaves Facebook fans in stitches after sharing mums crude drawing of bird

A woman left people in hysterics after sharing a picture of her mum's drawing of a bird.

Aimee Hart took to the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas page on Facebook to help identify the feathered friend.

She revealed how her mum drew the image in the hope that someone can know the type of the bird landing in her garden.

In the post, Aimee wrote: "Help! My mum has drawn a picture of this bird that keeps coming in her garden.

"She said it was black with sleeked back tufty part on its head.

"It's not something she's see before can anyone recognise what it might be?"

It didn't take long for Aimee's post to go viral with dozens of comments from people.

One wrote: "I can't get over her optimism that someone can ID a bird based on this drawing.

"Made me chuckle. Lapwings have tufty bits but they don't really go in gardens and they're not mostly black.

"All black garden birds are either crows, blackbirds, jackdaws or rooks."

Another added: "I don't know what the bird is but you should have the picture put on to a mug for her.

"Hopefully she would see the funny side."

A third commented: "I have loved reading these comments this morning. Some are bloody hilarious."

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Not sure on the bird I’m afraid but has your mum ever thought of becoming an artist?"

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Aimee returned to thank Facebook users for making her laugh, writing: "Hi everyone, woke up to loads of laughs.

"It wasn't drawn on the back of a phone it was the tablet instruction booklet.

"It keeps coming in the garden but by the time my mum gets her phone its flown off, picture is by memory.

"It's all black and doesn't have a long tail. I have no idea other than that I'm just glad I posted for the comments."

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