Woman labelled barbarian for taking huge chunk of lasagne from middle of dish

A woman has been labelled a “barbarian” after her unconventional approach of cutting a serving of lasagne.

We all have different methods of cutting up a dish, most usually cut in a square or triangle shape around the edge.

However, this pasta lover has caused quite the stir on Reddit after she decided to serve herself the layered dish from the middle.

And, to make matters worse it appears she may have not used a knife but stuffed her face in the middle.

The Reddit user was so concerned he called for the woman to be put into an asylum.

He said in jest: “Anyone know of any Local Asylums? Mate's GF has done this tonight.”

Placed in a glass dish on the oven top, the mutilated lasagne's crisp edges remained intact whilst a huge oval shaped chunk had been devoured.

It turns out that the other Reddit users are equally as horrified by the lasagne serving method.

One person commented: “The clearly have problems at home.”

Another slammed: “Anyone did this in my house, they would be banished to the coal shed.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “This is why you always proportion it with a knife or something and label it. Barbarians shall do the washing up for a week if they break the unwritten rule.”

Someone else chuckled: “I'm hoping she just buried her face in it and ate her way to the bottom.”

And, a fifth user giggled: “Extra points if she scooped it out with her bare hands and just snarfed it down like a barbarian.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of the unusual lasagna cutting method!

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