Woman flabbergasted after taking DNA test to find she is ‘three years older’

A woman was having second doubts on her birth date after taking a DNA test to learn more about her ancestry.

Lydia Ellen, who describes herself as being 22 years old, appeared to have discovered she is "three years older" than she thought when she got the results back.

Sharing the shocking findings on TikTok, Lydia said she spent her birthday money to get an ancestry DNA test, which she had to spit in a vial and send it out by post.

The ancestry test then put her in touch with distant relatives all over the world, and she began filling in her profile to create a family tree.

But the bizarre twist came when she tried to put her birth date on the system for the family tree profile.

She captioned the video: "Ancestry saying there is no Lydia Ellen with my birth date."

Lydia then she moved on to find her medical records.

To her disbelief, she added: "Seeing I was 18 months old when I received my first vaccination in July 1997, when I wasn't born until May 1998…?

"My medical record suggests I was born November 1995, meaning I would be 26 this year instead of 23?

"Surely it's just a mistake?"

The mystery raised alarm bells for Lydia but also left viewers stunned.

One spooked viewer wrote: "Okay but why did I get chills at the end?"

Another suggested: "But were you kidnapped? What happened?"

A third added: "I really hope everything is okay with you, like I want an update obviously but like are you okay?"

Lydia was overwhelmed by the comments as she explained: "I work a full-time job and do a full-time degree.

"You guys will have to wait a few days [for an update] I'm sorry!"

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