Woman exposes Photoshop tricks influencers use to fake perfect bodies

A quick scroll through Instagram usually results in seeing endless selfies of influencers with toned figures and luxurious lifestyles.

But for those of us not who aren't social media stars, it can spark insecurities when looking at their “perfect” bodies and lives.

However, not all may be as it seems.

Georgie Clarke has taken to Instagram to expose how “quick and easy” it is to edit a photo.

The influencer boasts a whopping 717,000 followers on the photo sharing app, where she usually posts “real” and unedited snaps of herself.

Despite this, in the 24-year-olds latest post showed how easy it is to edit a snap in order to show her followers how the “perfection” they see online is “not real".

Georgie even admitted to being guilty of altering her images in the past.

Exposing how easy it is to doctor a picture, Georgie posted a screen recording of her editing a mirror selfie of herself.

In the quick clip, she shows the unedited snap of herself in a black gym set.

The influencer starts by editing her stomach – where instantly her belly goes from bloated to slender.

Georgie then managed to remove her back rolls with a swipe of a finger through the photo editing app.

Then, the brunette bombshell tweaked her bum making it look more perky than it is.

To finish off the photo editing, Georgie retouched her arms and her back to make herself appear slimmer.

The influencer captioned the post:“Let me show you how QUICK & EASY it is to turn a real image into something that’s completely unrealistic and impossible to achieve naturally.

“The funny thing is you’ll be seeing images that are edited like this ALL the time on here, I’m guilty of feeling the pressure as an influencer to do this to my images in the past.

“However, it’s really unhealthy for people who don’t know the image has been retouched to think that’s what my body actually looks like.”

She continued: “So here is the truth… almost every influencer is editing their images in some type of way, so when you see this type of perfection on IG please remember it’s not the truth and it’s NOT REAL.

“You cannot achieve a body that’s been edited unrealistically like this so stop comparing yourself to influencers on the internet.

“This platform is full of creators trying to achieve perfection but I’m here to tell you it’s not real.”

Georgie rounded off the post by urging her followers not to be so hard on themselves.

She added: "So be kinder to yourself and when you see an image like this, remember the truth that’s behind it.”

Gobsmacked at how simple it is to alter a picture, people fled to the comments to thank Georgie for sharing the reality behind influencers' photos.

One person commented: “Okay, I know people edit their photos, but I completely blanked out the idea that they get rid of their back "rolls" too. And now I suddenly feel more confident about mine.”

Another user added: “And here we are, trying to look like them and feeling bad for not doing it. Thanks for sharing this.”

Whilst a third person noted: “Thank you for always showing the real you! You're beautiful but so much more because you show what is real and speak up.”

Someone else simply said: “Wild!!!”

Meanwhile, a fifth user stated: “Omg wow. Thx for posting this! You are beautiful both ways and society’s pressures are unreal.”

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