Woman cleans Le Creuset cast iron pan after 30 years of build-up

Cast iron pans can be great to cook on – but cleaning is a bit more of a faff.

After one woman had left hers for 30 years, she was in need of some help to get it looking good again.

According to Mail Online, the Australian woman, called Carolyn, turned to Facebook to ask for advice on how to remove years of charring on the bottom of the pan.

She wrote on Facebook: ‘Any thoughts on how to clean the underside of my Le Creuset fry pan!

‘It’s originally red – you can see a glimmer of that! It’s my favourite frying pan, but I want to make her look pretty again.’ 

Tips included using everything from salt to bicarbonate of soda. The brand itself recommends using their own cast iron cleaner or soaking in water with a little baking soda.

Although she tried a variety of options, she found the thing that worked best was some cheap oven cleaner in a bag.

Of course, it’s important to be aware about where you are using chemicals like this.

It’s fine to use things like oven cleaner on the enameled (usually coloured) section of your cookware, but avoid putting it on any of the exposed cast iron part (black) as this could cause serious damage to the porous material.

Updating those who replied to her call out for tips, Carolyn said: ‘I sprayed on the oven cleaner and put it in a plastic bag for about five hours – amazing!’ she wrote.

‘There are still some black bits to get rid of. But it looks great for not too much effort. Thanks for all the suggestions.’ 

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