Will life return to normal: new study reveals aspects of pandemic life Brits will adopt

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Freedom Day is just around the corner, July 19 will see all Covid restrictions being lifted in England as step four of the Government’s route out of the pandemic is undertaken. Nightclubs will finally be allowed to open their doors and large gatherings such as sports events and festivals will be allowed without restrictions. But which lifestyle changes will Brits be keen to continue with past July 19?

Freedom Day will see all remaining Covid restrictions lifted in England.

This means the one metre plus rule on social distancing will be lifted, the rule of six for gathering indoors will be abandoned and it will no longer be necessary for Brits got work from home.

Whilst many will be keen to get back to life as “normal” 62 percent of Britons against a global average of 57 percent believe life won’t ever be the same as it was pre-pandemic.

These findings come from research by Dynata who have also explored the aspects of pandemic life Brits are looking forward to getting rid of and the activities they are keen to continue with.

What aspects of post-pandemic life are Brits most excited to return to?

Research by Dynata indicates that dating is the most eagerly anticipated activity Britons was to return to.

A whopping 66 percent of those surveyed said that they were extremely or very excited to start dating again.

This rose to 70 percent for Millennials and 68 percent among Generation Z.

Many have been keen to jet off for a bit of sun as this is reflected in the 62 percent of those who said they were extremely or very excited to start travelling abroad post-pandemic.

Interestingly, nearly three-quarters of Millennials 73 percent were keen to resume foreign travel, compared to just 55 percent of Baby Boomers.

Of course, another activity Brits are keen to get back to is to seeing family members in person again with 61 percent either extremely or very excited to return to pre-pandemic socialising norms.

What aspects of pandemic life are bits keen to ditch?

This new study shows Britons are most keen to stop remote learning for their children.

Although school children have been allowed to go back into school for quite some time, many were forced to adopt remote learning during the lockdowns and would have to isolate if another child from within their “bubble” tested positive for the virus.

This study shows 55 percent of weary parents are keen to ditch this pandemic practice.

Whilst a further 52 percent of Brits surveyed said they were most keen to get rid of virtual doctors appointments and 40 percent said they would be happy to do away with virtual socialising.

Step four was supposed to herald in a widespread binning of wearing face masks but they could be with us for a little while longer.

Many businesses and travel operators can set their own rules and shops such as Tescos and Waterstones have said they still want shoppers to wear masks.

Many travel operators have followed suit with airlines such as EasyJet and British Airways still requiring face mask to be worn after stage four begins.

It seems 40 percent of Brits don’t want to continue wearing masks after restrictions ease.

Despite being called “Freedom Day”, the Prime Minister has urged people not to “throw caution to the winds” as England moves to step four of its roadmap out of restrictions.

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