Wild and boozy Freshers Week has been completely destroyed by Coronavirus

While my Freshers Week took place in 2013 and in 2018 when I studied for my Masters, going out and staying out until the sunrise no longer appeals to me.

But in light of the terrible 18 months, we've all had with lockdowns and not seeing one another, I decided to get back into it.

Freshers Week 2021 was the first real blowout for many – and also their first time experiencing a proper night out.

Given I'm no longer a fresher, thank God, I was curious as to how the week would turn out.

I live in Sheffield, with two major universities that are known for their rivalry and different events, so I was expecting a night of chaos.

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With the week drawing to a close, I couldn't resist the opportunity to try out Sheffield's nightlife again now that it's bustling with thousands of students around.

I instantly headed to West Street, one of the main areas for a night out, but was shocked by how quiet it was.

There was barely anybody about – let alone any drunken students sat on the floor, crying over how much they loved their new flatmates or missed their cushioned family life back home.

Instead, small groups of students made their way into different venues – with Molly Malones Irish Tavern looking and sounding like the busiest.

So off I went with a friend to get a drink and see what all the fuss was about.

But it didn't feel like a freshers event at all, there were no students dancing with strangers they just met or nobody downing shots at the bar like there's no tomorrow.

However, they did have a live band, La Fox, playing who certainly entertained the crowd.

While groups of people danced away without a care in the world, they stayed close to those with who they had gone out with.

Many acted as though we were still in social distancing times – apart from one girl who was screaming that something had happened to her friend, who continued to neck a drink.

Freshers has a reputation for students finding the "love of their lives" during the first week of uni but nobody appeared to be on the lookout for love, or indeed, their next regret.

For me, I was completely blown away.

I ended my night in a takeaway expecting to see people shovelling a kebab or pizza down – but instead met a group of lads studying at Sheffield Hallam who also said they were making their way home as everywhere was "boring".

While it may have been a rather bland night, I must say, Molly Malones certainly appeared to have been the best option.

Other clubs and bars were handing out free shots to get people in as they were that empty.

In my opinion, Covid-19 has completely destroyed the atmosphere of Freshers Week and I fear that those starting their new lives this week will never experience the carnage that me and my friends did "back in the day".

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