Who Is Katie Thurston On ‘The Bachelor,’ And Where Is Now After Filming?

Katie Thurston made a statement with her entrance on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor when she pulled out a sparkly pink vibrator to meet him during the premiere. Her sex- positive attitude instantly made Katie memorable and may have even helped her secure a rose on night one.

“It was the perfect statement for 2020,” the Bachelor contestant said on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast via Us Weekly. “It actually summarized me perfectly…and I could do nothing but be myself. I knew Matt is religious; I know I don’t know him personally, so I knew it could very well send me home night one. And I would have no regrets.”


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The Bachelor was not deterred, and—thanks to her sense of humor, maturity, and no-BS approach to drama—Katie has quickly become a fan favorite. Here’s everything to know about her, including what she’s been up to since filming the reality TV show.

Katie is from the West Coast and works in marketing.

Hailing from Renton, Washington, she works as a Bank Marketing Manager—buutttt would also love to host her own talk show one day, according to her ABC bio.

She recently celebrated her 30th birthday.

Katie was 29 when she appeared on The Bachelor, but she’s now the big 3-0. She even had a whole video shoot to commemorate her at-home celebration. (We stan a COVID-19 safe queen!)

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Katie has an impressive following on TikTok.

Katie has more than 260,000 followers on the social media platform, and she originally went viral back in May 2020 when she shared a story about pooping in her pants at work. These days, she shares hilarious videos of her eating pizza rolls, drinking beer, and relatable videos about sexting.

Story Time! Releasing all parts today! #poop I Shit Myself pt.1

9/10 times I’m texting you from the toilet 😂 #sext #text #dating #virtual

She is obsessed with her cat, Tommy.

Katie is a cat lover, and she often posts pics and videos of her black and white cat named Tommy. She dressed him up for the holidays, and he seems to be pretty well-trained to her “commands”!

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Just trying to get to #cattiktok

Katie’s really open about sex.

If her intro on The Bachelor didn’t already confirm this, her social media definitely does. She often posts on her IG and TikTok about her sexuality.


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Since they want to mute my video, let’s try reposting without hashtags and see what happens. I read the rules. I didn’t break any here.

She’s not doing the Instagram influencer thing.

In fact, she’s actively making fun of it on Instagram while channeling SNL legend Vanessa Bayer. (Apparently, fans have compared Katie to the actress and comedian—and tbh, I can totally see it.) “Everyone comparing me to @vanessabayer and I am here for it!😍 Use code “dildogirl” for 20% off!” she captioned her parody video.


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WARNING: Major spoilers for The Bachelor *and* Bachelorette seasons ahead!

She’s likely the next Bachelorette.

Reality Steve served up some reali-tea this past Saturday when he tweeted that Katie will be the next Bachelorette. “At the ‘Women Tell All’ taping this past Thursday, Katie Thurston was announced as the next ‘Bachelorette,'” he shared, adding, “Katie gets eliminated on Monday’s episode during her 1-on-1 with Matt.”

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