Who Has a Higher Net Worth Aaron Rodgers or Danica Patrick?

There was a time when Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said that he didn’t like being too public about his relationships. He even revealed that dating in the public eye is one of the things that contributed to his split with actress Olivia Munn.

But these days he doesn’t seem to mind sharing snaps of him and his girlfriend Danica Patrick on social media or opening up about how they feel about each other. Fans though still have some questions and want to know more about the pair including how they met, what their individual net worth is, and what Patrick gave up when she started seeing the NFL star. Here are those answers to those burning questions, plus a few other things you didn’t know about their relationship

How they met

The Packers signal caller and former race car driver actually met each other years before they began dating.

Patrick told the Associated Press that she and Rodgers were first introduced at the ESPY Awards in 2012. At the time, she was married to personal trainer and physical therapist Paul Hospenthal. The two wed in 2005 but four months after the 2012 ESPYS Patrick announced that they were ending their marriage.

In 2013, she started dating fellow racing driver Richard Stenhouse Jr. Not long after that, Rodgers began seeing Olivia Munn. Both of their relationships ended in 2017 and by early 2018 rumors swirled that they were a couple.

Patrick later confirmed that the rumors were true telling the AP, “Yes, Aaron and I are dating.”

What Patrick gave up when she started dating Rodgers

After the two went public with their relationship fans pointed out that Patrick, who grew up in Roscoe, Illinois had long been a fan of the Packers NFC North rival Chicago Bears. Many wondered if a relationship between the Packers quarterback and Bears fan could survive through an NFL season.

“I told him a long time ago I’d always root for him as a player. Now I am probably going to cheer for the whole team,” the retired race car driver admitted, before adding, “Take out the word ‘probably.’ Now I’m going to cheer for the whole team.”

Then, just before the 2018 NFL season, Patrick revealed that she was not only rooting for her beau and his teammates to do well but that she had converted to a cheesehead.

“[I’m] the biggest Packers fan,” she proclaimed during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Who has a higher net worth?

Patrick retired from racing when she was 36 years old. She walked away from the sport as the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing, having won more races than any other female. In addition to motorsports, Patrick also made her money through the endorsement deals she’s had over the years giving her a whopping net worth of $60 million.

While Patrick’s net worth is impressive she’s not worth quite as much as Rodgers.

In 2018, the Packers quarterback signed a four-year contract extension worth $134 million, a deal that includes $100 million guaranteed. That same year, Rodgers purchased a minority ownership stake in the Milwaukee Bucks. The athlete has a few lucrative endorsement deals as well. According to Forbes, his estimated net worth is more than $89 million.

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