TV star’s joy after discovering she’s finally pregnant after 15 rounds of IVF

A TV journalist has shared happy news that she is finally expecting her first children after five years and 15 rounds of IVF treatment.

CNN presenter Hannah Vaughan-Jones, 37, today celebrated the news that she was expecting a child with husband, Lewis who works as an ITV correspondent.

She has long documented her fertility struggles – admitting in 2017that her IVF journey had left her feeling "numb" and "worthless".

She admitted that she had been preparing to use donor eggs when she finally received the good news that she was pregnant.

Sharing her happiness on Twitter , she wrote: "Bit of personal news: 15 #IVF treatments later… I’m pregnant.

“More details on Instagram  @HVaughanJones but suffice to say @LVaughanJones and I are feeling stunned, scared & lucky & grateful.

“Thank you to friends, family, colleagues & strangers for the overwhelmingly support.”

The former Sky News presenter last year revealed that she and her husband had "ploughed tens of thousands of pounds" into IVF treatment to enable the couple to have their first child.

They even appeared on a 5 News Special called Fertility: Fighting for a Family to share their troubles.

On Instagram, the TV presenter went into more detail about her happiness at the news, thanking her support network and admitting the fear she had felt that she may miscarry.

She wrote: “I haven’t posted anything personal in a long time, so here goes: Firstly, I’m conscious that this will be agonising for some of you who have followed our fertility story and are still enduring your own.

“It’s a sensitive post, #ttc folks know what follows….I’m pregnant.

“Here’s the details: @lvaughanjones & I were (and still are) fully signed up for donor conception.

“We had the clinic booked, consultation done and were just one click away from booking flights.

“We had two embryos still in the freezer from a cycle in November.

“Both had returned an 'inconclusive' result from PGS. Given that everything else we’d produced had been genetically abnormal we assumed these low grade embryos would be too.

“Still, knowing we had to walk away from this long process having given it absolutely everything, we decided to transfer both of them in early April.

“After years of injections, this was a natural frozen cycle. No stims, no estrogen patches, no clexane or lubion.

“No steroids or fat drips. No fuss. Just the old cyclogest after transfer. I took a very relaxed approach and barely even kept up with my folic acid supplements, convinced as I was that this would be our final failure.

“I worked a lot. I worked out a lot too.”

Mrs Vaughn-Jones divulged that she had first learned that she was two-to-three weeks pregnant on her test day.

But that she and husband Lewis had immediately dismissed the news, preparing for a miscarriage.

Now, weeks later, husband Lewis has apparently insisted the couple celebrate the good news, saying that they can "cry about it later if it goes wrong".

The CNN presenter added: "We remain stunned & acutely aware of the hurdles ahead.

“Thank you to friends, family, colleagues & strangers for your overwhelming support.”

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