TikTok's Favorite Acne Patch Makes a Dark Spot Version That'll Brighten & Even Skin Tone Fast

Growing up with admittedly less than perfect skin, I’ve tried just about every product in the market in the hopes of quickly treating my acne. And while over the years I’ve developed a perfectly curated skincare routine that mostly clears up my skin, every once in a while the dreaded zit pops up on my face. Of course, my acne usually flares up right before a big event, leaving me to scramble for a quick-fix solution that will zap the zit away. So when I heard TikTok was raving over the Hero Cosmetics acne patches that apparently have the ability to erase pimples overnight, I was more than intrigued. Oh, and did I mention there’s an alternative version that brightens up dark spots too?! Check it out below:

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