Thrifty blogger reveals how to grow fresh mint from a supermarket pack

Thrifty blogger reveals how to grow fresh mint from the supermarket into a plentiful supply in six weeks

  • Jenna from Durham revealed how she grows mint from a supermarket packet
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A woman has revealed how to grow your own mint from a supermarket packet so that you never have to fork out for the herb again.

Jenna, from Durham, posted the video on TikTok where it racked up more than 550,000 views. 

She often makes videos on how to grow different types of herbs and vegetables, along with spreading awareness about autism. 

Jenna said: ‘So if you’re a massive chump like me, at some point in your life you will have spent money on mint.

‘And I’m here to tell you, you never have to do that again. 

‘First grow out your individual stems and gently remove the leaves from the bottom. 

Jenna, from Durham, posted the video detailing how to grow mint online and it racked up more than 550,000 views

‘Keep some leaves on the top. Pop those bits in some Tupperware, you can use them later for tea or for cooking with.

‘It also freezes super well, so you’ve got no excuses. We don’t waste food in this household. 

‘Next up you just chop about one centimetre off the bottom of each stem, like you would with some flowers.

‘Find yourself a water receptacle and pop those stems in, please take note of just how small those stems are right there. 

‘Anyway, pop them on a sunny windowsill and ignore them for about two weeks.’

Jenna then showed her adorable rabbit, Teddy, munching on some mint stems.

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Jenna says to her followers to take a note of how small the stems are that she is placing in the cup of water 

She continued by saying: ‘So after two weeks we’ve already got some nice roots forming and look at this, this is after a month – look at how many roots there are.

‘And look how big these stems have got, there’s so much new growth.

‘These guys are happy on a windowsill, oh just look at that big sexy root.

Jenna uses an old plastic bottle for a pot and then warned TikTokers that they should not plant mint in the ground. 

After a month, Jenna shows how long the roots have grown, and now the herb is ready to be planted 

She says that if the herb is planted in the ground, it will ‘take over’ your entire garden and you ‘will be sick of the sight of mint.’

Jenna put her recycled bottles on a vegetable palette and said: ‘Water frequently and enjoy free mint for the rest of your life.’

The video racked up more than 23,000 likes and hundreds of comments. 

One user said: ‘I made a rookie mistake of putting mint in a planter and it literally murdered every other herb.’

The video racked up hundreds of comments, with users sharing their own tips on growing mint

Another shared their tip by writing: ‘Also keep an eye to remove flowers so they don’t make any seeds! The flowers are tasty and sweet.’

A third penned ‘My favourite tea is mint, I buy almost every day and looking to do it.’ 

A fourth commented: ‘I literally have just done this! Have a nice little mint plant growing in a pot on the patio!’

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