This Website Lets You Hire Local Photographers While You Travel, So Hello, Paris Engagement Shoot

Have you ever been on vacation at a beautiful place with a partner or friend and struggled to take that perfect, professional-looking photo? Or maybe you’re by yourself and the self-timer just isn’t cutting it. Well, now there’s actually a way to remedy this, thanks to Flytographer.

Flytographer is an easy-to-use online service that connects vacation-goers with local photographers who can take their camera-ready trip pics. Basically, it’s like Airbnb, but for finding local photographers. With just a click of a button, Flytographer can link you to photographers in over 250 cities, including London, Tokyo, New York City, Mexico City, San Juan, Mumbai, and more. This means that at the end of vacation you will not only leave feeling rested and relaxed, but you will also have some top-notch expert images of you exploring the world to show family and friends.

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