This cooling blanket can help you sleep through the heatwave

Struggling to sleep in the heat? This cooling blanket absorbs body heat, helping you sleep better on hot nights – and it’s on sale

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While summer sun can be all fun and games by day, at night, the temperatures can quickly become unbearably sticky, with hot and humid bedrooms causing many of us to lose sleep. 

If you’re finding it particularly hard to fall asleep at night, then you’re in luck. Amazon has just reduced the price of the Marchpower Cooling Blanket that reviewers are thanking for keeping them at a ‘comfortable temperature’ and even aiding their sleep.

The ‘wonder product’ works by absorbing your body heat and reducing your skin temperature, helping you stay cool and comfortable during the night. And according to scores of users, it’s a big success. It’s now on sale for 15 per cent off, reduced to £24.64.

The Marchpower Cooling Blanket is now 15 per cent off on Amazon, reduced to £24.64

A duvet is one of the main obstacles for keeping cool at night. While you can invest in a summer duvet with a lower tog, these are often still too thick. 

If you like the comforting feeling of a blanket but don’t want to trap heat while you try to sleep, then the Marchpower Cooling Blanket is a seriously clever solution. 

Designed with Japanese Arc-chill Q-Max 0.34 fibres cooling fabric, the innovative design keeps you cool by absorbing heat, reducing your skin temperature helping you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. 

Whether you’re a hot sleeper all year round, suffer from hot flushes or are seriously struggling to get a good night’s sleep during this heatwave, the Marchpower Cooling Blanket is being hailed as a brilliant sleep aid. 

Lightweight in construction, the airy blanket has a double-sided material. One is made of Japanese Arc-chill Cool Technology Fabric to help transfer moisture from the skin to the surface of the fabric and quickly evaporate so that the human skin is dry and comfortable.

The other is made of 100 per cent breathable bamboo fibres, which keep you warm in the spring and autumn months, so you get your moneys worth all year round. 

Machine washable, anti-bacterial and mite-resistant, the cooling blanket is ideal for sensitive skins, but the main draw is its ability to lower the body temperature by 1-2 degrees, making for a much more pleasurable nights sleep.  

The machine washable, moisture wicking blanket is available in two sizes; twin size (150X200cm)  and full size (200X220cm)

Amazon shoppers have left glowing reviews for the Marchpower Cooling Blanket, raving how it’s ‘coolness guaranteed’, ‘incredibly soft’, ‘really comfortable’ and ‘superb for the summer’. 

One delighted shopper penned: ‘Love this blanket!! I’m a terrible sleeper, and I’m constantly hot in bed. This blanket has been amazing on the nights I’ve tried it. It’s very thin and feels so cool and relaxing. Very happy!’

Another agreed, adding: ‘OMG, absolutely amazing. This blanket does what it says it will do, the first night, I was sceptical, but it gave me a great nights sleep.

‘If your menopausal and have night sweats, use this, I put it under my duvet at first but woke up getting hot (not sweating), so threw the duvet off and just had the blanket on it kept me at a comfortable temperature, and I slept soundly.’

A third penned: ‘Perfect for those sultry nights. It is so nice to have a cooling blanket for those Summer evenings when it just feels too warm to get a good nights sleep. Soft on the skin and just a little heavier than a good quality cotton sheet.’ 

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