This £79 wake-up light alarm clock helps you wake up easier

Winter is coming! This wake-up light that helps you drift off to sleep AND wake up easier is on sale – it’s backed by hundreds of shoppers

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Amazon shoppers are waking up easier thanks to one wake-up light alarm clock that’s being hailed as ‘the civilized way to wake up in the morning’. 

Instead of an abrupt noise, the Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100 has a gradual 30-minute sunrise that wakes you naturally with light, so you feel properly refreshed and wide awake.

If you’re already finding it harder to wake up due to the darker mornings, then the Lumie could be a hero product this winter. Scores of shoppers are claiming how they ‘could not get through the winter without it’, raving how it’s ‘great for cheering your mood’.

The Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100 takes 30 minutes to help wake you naturally at the alarm time when the light is at its brightest. 

Instead of harsh noise, the light helps you feel refreshed and properly awake, even on the darkest mornings. 

A better night’s sleep could be yours thanks to the Lumie Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock.

A must for any struggling early riser, the clock has a gradual 30-minute sunrise feature that mimics a real sunrise to encourage an easy wake up.

Hailed as ‘helpful for anyone with SAD’, the wake-up light is valuable for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder and the winter blues, helping you to feel brighter and more energetic first thing. 

Rather than abrupt alarm noises, the Lumie Bodyclock Rise uses a warm LED light that mimics the colours of a sunrise and sunset. 

Waking you up naturally, it resets the internal clock that controls daily wake and sleep rhythms which has been shown to boost mood, productivity and energy level.

Many Amazon reviewers have reported waking up feeling brighter, claiming it’s ‘great for cheering your mood’ and ‘general wellbeing’.

Great for a subtle wake up in the morning, it can also be used to prepare your body for sleep. The fading sunset setting helps to promote the production of melatonin and helps you to unwind naturally.

The Bodyclock Rise 100 sunrise takes 30 minutes and wakes you naturally at the alarm time when the light is at its brighters 

‘I literally can’t survive winter without it’, raved one delighted Amazon shopper about the Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100. ‘I find it hard to wake up when it’s pitch dark. It gradually wakes me up.

‘You can also set a noise alarm, but I don’t use that bit. It’s easy to set and adjust the brightness of light.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘It wakes you up so gradually, softly and without you even noticing it – very gently you realise you’re awake and ready to start the day without beginning your day with a heart attack.

‘I use the light only as an alarm, but the lamp does allow you to include a beep sound as well – you choose the volume. It has made such a big difference, I am so much more relaxed now.’

Another penned: ‘Love how you just sort of find yourself awake in the mornings, especially in deepest darkest winter. It’s so much nicer than the harsh jarring jolt of an alarm clock.’ 

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