Things to do in Denver, January 2022: Trippy “Perception Shit,” beer opera, and a celebration of Stevon Lucero

RIP, legendary Denver artist Stevon Lucero

Through March 30. Denver’s influential muralist and painter Stevon Lucero saw his work displayed in countless commercial and artistic settings throughout his five-decade career. His vibrant, surreal imagery recasts scenes that came to him in lucid dreams — from “Neo-pre-Columbian” figures to metarealism and Chicano culture.

The still underappreciated Lucero — who died at the age of 72 on Nov. 28, 2021 — will be feted through March 30 with an exhibition at the Parsons Theatre (1 E. Memorial Parkway in Northglenn) featuring original works. The show is being organized by the Chicano Humanities and Arts Council, which Lucero cofounded. The free, all-ages show is open at 12:30 p.m. daily. or

A free, artistic “Perception Shift”

Through April 23. Mind-bending visual art is everywhere these days, but curated well it can be as transporting (and, yes, immersive) as any other genre. This week saw the debut of “Perception Shift,” a new gallery show that explores how perceptions shape our understanding of our surroundings, and how different materials — projected light, ceramic, glass, metal — can shift that.

The thematically connected works from artists Alli Lemon, Natalie Thedford, Kimberly Bianca, Hala Abubaker and Andrea de Leon are part of Union Hall’s 2022 Rough Gems program, which supports individual curatorial teams with full marketing and on-site resources, with help from The Andy Warhol, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, and Coloradan Community foundations.

It’s free and open to the public daily at noon, through April 23 at 1750 Wewatta St., Suite 144. 720-927-4033 or

Beery bar opera, tapping out (briefly)

Saturday. Musical and nonprofit-arts force-of-nature Eve Orenstein is passing the torch from her popular Opera on Tap Colorado as she returns to New York City. The Colorado chapter of this ebullient opera-at-bars series, relocating to Enigma Bazaar, will celebrate Orenstein’s 10-year, benevolent reign on Saturday, Jan. 22, with a show at its new home.

The lusty, informal proceedings are a refreshing change of pace over bar trivia, and a smart way to make opera less intimidating for non-fans, Orenstein said in a press statement. She’ll hand the reins to the capable Colorado singers, arts administrators and “co-managing divas” Margaret Siegrist and Jerome Síbulo, along with co-founder Julie Silver Campbell.

The “Hello/Goodbye” show runs 6-8 p.m. Jan. 22 at 4923 W. 38th Ave. $8 in advance ( and $10 at the door.

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