These Non-Irritating Dog Wipes Reduce Bathtime Stress & Keep ‘Paws, Bodies, & Bums’ Clean

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For some dog parents, bathtime can quickly turn into a battle that ends with both them and their dog sopping, smelling like a wet dog, and stressed to the max. So it’s no wonder pet parents often turn to professional groomers to help them manage their pup’s hygiene. But there’s a less expensive way to deal with your dog’s bathtime anxiety and cut down on the number of baths your dog needs altogether.

Earth Rated Dog Wipes are unscented, plant-based cleansing wipes for your pup’s “paws, body, and bum.” They’re specifically formulated for dogs with chamomile, aloe, shea butter, and cucumber to provide gentle cleansing and odor removal with every wipe. Free from alcohol or parabens, these wipes are safe to use on the most sensitive skin and the wipes are compostable, so they’re good for the garden, too.

Each pack comes with 100 wipes that can be used to clean muddy paws, remove dander or musty odor, or clean up any messes after your dog has done his business outside.

Image: Earth Rated

Nearly 30,000 pet parents have given the Earth Rated Dog Wipes a five-star review, with one person writing, “I’ve been using these wipes for years to clean my dog. They are gentle enough to use on paws, face, or a general wipe down but durable enough that they don’t rip apart. No overwhelming scent. Great product!”

Another five-star reviewer added, “These are perfect for wiping your pet down. I have two little dogs and one has major anxiety about bathing. This takes the anxiety out of bath time! They work great. They are thicker than a baby wipe and wet enough to do the job but not sopping wet where you’ll make a mess.”

Don’t stress about bathing your dog and pick up a pack of Earth Rated Dog Wipes instead. Your dog will love the feeling of being clean and groomed and you won’t end up in a puddle of muddy, soapy water.

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