These £6 acne patches treat spots overnight

‘My skin has never looked better!’: These £6 acne patches treat spots overnight – and they have thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon

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Finding a spot treatment to get rid of breakouts and protect the skin against long-term damage is no mean-feat. But Amazon users are hailing these bestselling acne patches as an effective solution, and they only cost £5.99.

Amazon shoppers swear by Dots for Spots Original Acne Absorbing Patches, calling them an ‘overnight miracle cure’ for blemishes and maskne, as well as hormonal breakouts and stress-induced flare-ups.

Designed to be applied directly over the top of the blemish, the miniature hydrocolloid patches create a unique healing environment, gently sucking out impurities while giving the blemish time to heal safely and naturally.

Popped on top of spots, the acne patches from Dots for Spots are hailed as an ‘overnight miracle cure’ for blemishes

Hydrocolloid is an adhesive that’s flexible, absorbent, waterproof, and an all-around super-powered material that creates a moist environment and optimum conditions for your spot to heal.

It can also help prevent a scab from forming, which can reduce the possibility of scarring. Plus, if you’re a picker, the acne patches prevent you from touching and squeezing your spots.

Over 10,000 Amazon reviewers have given the Dots for Spots Original Acne Absorbing Patches a five-star rating. Users declare they ‘work better than any other pimple cream’ and are ‘better than other spot patches’ from Starface k-beauty brand COSRX.

‘I don’t write reviews, but credit where it is due, these are an absolute game-changer,’ one shopper wrote. ‘I have started suffering with hormonal spots that never come to a head and are sore and very obvious, they seem to last weeks without clearing.

Users declare that the Dots for Spots Original Acne Absorbing Patches ‘work better than any other pimple cream’ and are ‘better than other spot patches’ 

‘I tried these last night and woke up this morning to clear skin I am not joking. I have tried every product known and am shocked at how good these are. I have already ordered the 60 pack.’

‘These absolutely do work!’ another customer attested. ‘I was super sceptical, but these really do suck out all the gunk and leave the spot in a much better condition.

‘I’m awful for touching spots, so having these as an extra barrier is a godsend for my skin!’

A third raved: ‘I suffer with pretty bad acne, so I came across this and thought why not give it a go?! I am glad I did!! My skin has never looked better!’

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