The Hot List: The best winter buys for wellness, comfort and fashion

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We’re all feeling a little bit wintry now that Mariah Carey is officially back in the charts, and Metro is here to present the latest Hot List products for your fashion and wellbeing needs.

In winter you want either two feelings, warm and cosy or the centre of the party. Here, there is something for everyone.

If you want to be busting the moves to practise for the inevitably messy work Christmas parties, MANGO has joined forces with Camille Charrière to inspire some 90s and 2000s looks, while Sister and Jane have the chic look covered.

If you prefer your cold nights to be in the comfort of your own home, then perhaps you might want to cuddle up after a relaxing shower courtesy of Weleda’s aromatic gel, and pop open a weekly, enlightening poem from a Rachel and Kelly collection.

Here, we round up the latest best buys for whatever you need to feel good.

Be the star on the dancefloor

For her latest collaboration with Mango, Camille Charrière has channelled the nightlife of the ’90s and ’00s.

Inspired by vintage fabrics – think sequins, feathers, satin, striped denim and poplin – this 60-strong collection is desperate to make an appearance on a dancefloor.

Buy at MANGO from £15.99 to £299.99

Treat yourself to Comfort

Weleda’s new Comfort Aroma Shower will put you in the mood for the cosier days of winter.

A comforting, creamy body wash, it features extracts of star anise, vanilla and lemon essential oils. Natural, biodegradable, this is an everyday treat.

Buy at Weleda from £8.25

Chapter and verse for mixed feelings

You’ll Never Walk Alone is a collection of poems to accompany all of your feelings, from sorrow to delight (and over the past few weeks, we’ve all had a lot of them).

Organised by season, discover a poem for each week with analysis by author Rachel Kelly. Sweet and soulful.

Buy at Waterstones for £16.99

Tweed all about a stunning suit

Frantically conjuring up an event to wear this beyond-chic red-and-white tweed two-piece, shot through with gold thread.

Every Christmas party you attend? Job interview, friend’s wedding, New Year’s Eve party, everywhere? Gosh it’s a stunner.

Buy at Sister Jane from trousers for £125 and jacket for £165

Give some welly to cowboy boots

Cowboy boots, but make them wellies. You heard right! Talolo makes waterproof and heeled cowboy boots, which is frankly… everything. Really into the bright blue-and-green ‘peacock’ with its mock croc pattern because, why not?

Buy at Talolo Boots from £79

Cheesed to meet you

Julienne Bruno is cheese without compromise. It’s vegan, it’s dairy-free and made from fermented soy but it’s alsojust really good whatever your dietary preferences.

A new fave of London’s top eateries, choose from the soft burrella for salads, the superstraccia, which is perfect for pizzas, and the spreadable crematta for anything you like.

Buy at From £3.50

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