The 10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World

Many people have fallen into suspicious, and sometimes dangerous, health diet fads in the previous years. Society, in general, has a slight fascination with looking good because it has become synonymous with feeling good. Most of the time, people can achieve their fitness goals through rigorous exercises sometimes people even get the top fitness trainers. However, exercising can only go a long way. A strict dietary plan is needed to ensure a completely healthy lifestyle.

A tried and tested way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to eat a lot of food that contains vitamins and minerals. Fruits are a great source of nutrients and energy for people. They can be eaten fresh, processed into juices and jellies, or made into jams by preservation. Sometimes, various drugs come from fruits, such as morphine or opium. Due to the global economy’s current inflation rates, some fruits are now expensive goods. Curious to see which fruits are the most costly in the World? Keep reading to find out!

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10 Sekai-Ichi Apple

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Sekai-Ichi apples also originate from Japan. They are considered one of the largest varieties of apples and are identified by their pale pink or sometimes red coloring. Sekai-Ichi apples are available in the fall through early winter. These apples also have an average circumference of 30 to 46 centimeters and weigh over 900 grams.

However, because of their weight, these apples can only grow in a limited number. This means that apple farmers cannot mass-produce the fruits. In addition, because of the slight rarity, they cost around $21 per apple.

9 Sembikiya Cherry

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Sembikiya cherries hail from Japan and are from the country’s oldest fruit shop. The fruit shop originated in Koshigaya in 1834, before the founder moved to the merchant’s district of Nihonbashi in 1867. As a result, people can enjoy freshly squeezed fruit juices, parfaits, and plain, sliced fruits.

The cherries are grown in small glasshouses, where they are monitored closely. The cherries must meet strict requirements in size, color, and quality before being sold to the public. These premium cherries cost $160 per box.

8 Dekopon Citrus

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The Dekopon citrus is a large fruit; one can weigh up to a pound. Sometimes, it’s even called the Sumo citrus because of the distinct top-knot shape found on the fruit. It’s also sweet, easy to peel, and seedless. The fruit is perfect for the sweet tooth who wants to stay fit and not consume chocolates and confectionary brands. These fruits also require a very intensive cultivation process; their temperature has to be checked in controlled glasshouses.

Then, they’re cured for up to 40 days to let the sugar level and acidity drop. The Dekopon citrus cost $80 per six-pack, making them a little more expensive than most mandarin fruits.

7 Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

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Sembikiya Queen strawberries are sweet and stunningly red all the way through. They sell for $85 per box at the same shop where people can get Sembikiya cherries. They’re also available for sale for a limited time, making them a rare commodity.

They have a high selling point because of their elevated cultivation process, meaning these strawberries do not come in contact with the soil. In addition, the conditions in which they’re grown mean they’re very hygienic, glossy, and more evenly colored.

6 White Jewel Strawberry

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This fruit has a very distinct color – white on the outside and inside. Also named the scent of first love in Japanese, these strawberries are considered a luxury item in Japan. They cost around $10 per strawberry, making them some of the most expensive fruits in the World.

The price tag is justified because not many strawberry farmers dedicate themselves to cultivating these types of strawberries—only a small percentage of strawberries that grow from the same patch turn out pure white.

5 Japanese Ruby Roman Grapes

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With a price tag of $450 per bunch, these grapes are considered incredibly expensive. The high price point is due to its rarity; only 24,000 bunches are harvested each year and sold to various markets all over Japan. These grapes have a very juicy and sweet taste, with low acidity.

They are also large, with each piece as big as a ping pong ball. Each bunch undergoes rigorous inspection to meet market standards and is classified into three categories: superior, special, and premium.

4 Square Watermelon

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The luxury fruit market wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Square Watermelon since it is one of the most luxurious fruits in the world. These watermelons, characterized by their distinct cube shapes, are grown in boxes to ensure their shape. These fruits’ shapes were developed in 1978 by Tomoyuki Ono, a graphic designer.

He presented these watermelons in a gallery in Tokyo and grew them in cube shapes, making them easier to transport, cut, and store. Because of the shape, however, these watermelons are very expensive, with prices as high as $800.

3 Taiyo No Tamago Mango

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Taiyo No Tamago Mango, also called Egg of the Sun Mango, costs around $2,000 per piece. They’re exclusively grown in Miyazaki prefecture in Japan and are identified by their elevated price point. The reason is that these fruits have high sugar content and gorgeous coloring all over.

Some mangoes can come in a deep orange hue, red, or even purple. The texture of the pulp is very soft, and even the skin is edible. They also have very little fibrousness, are juicy, and taste like candy.

2 Densuke Watermelon

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These world-famous watermelons are grown exclusively in Hokkaido. The Densuke watermelon is also incredibly difficult to cultivate, with some farmers only producing a limited number of fruits per season. Because of this rarity, the watermelons can sell for over $6,000 per piece. Rare items are quite expensive just like these Barbie Dolls that are worth a ton. These watermelons are found in dark colors ranging from deep green to almost black.

They’re also sweet and have very few seeds than most watermelons. Though rare, these fruits aren’t sold in Japan exclusively. Some reports say they can be found in grocery stores in Canada.

1 Yubari King Melon

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The title for the most expensive fruit in the World goes to the Yubari King Melon, with some pieces sold for over $45,000. Grown exclusively in Yubari, these melons are cultivated in rich volcanic soil. They also take over 100 days to produce, and farmers massage them daily to create the perfect lattice patterns that adorn the expensive fruit.

Some farmers even put hats on the melons to protect them from the sun. As a result, these melons are very sweet and fragrant, with a slightly spicy taste. Because of these factors, they are considered status symbols in society.

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