Thanks to Pottery Barn, We Can All Have a Bathroom As Gorgeous as Hailey Bieber's

If you’ve ever watched Hailey Bieber’s hilarious YouTube series Who’s In My Bathroom?, I have v exciting news for you! You can now shop the stunning bathroom for yourself, thanks to Pottery Barn.

For those of you who haven’t watched yet, here’s a little background info: The series consists of Hailey chatting with celebs like Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, and Addison Rae from her bathroom (well, kind of—more on that in a second) while they play games, enjoy some snacks, and sip on a cocktail or two in some cases. Ya know, normal things that ultra-famous BFFs do in their bathrooms.

Recently, production for Who’s In My Bathroom? relocated from Hailey’s actual bathroom to a custom-built set in Hollywood. To make the set feel more like home, Pottery Barn’s Design Crew gave the space a beautiful makeover and created a cozy backstage lounge for Hailey and her A-list guests to enjoy. Starting today, you can shop some of the items the crew used to decorate the super chic bathroom set!

Shop Hailey Bieber’s Bathroom

Honestly, I just moved to a new place and my bathroom is in need of an update, so I’ll def be picking up some of the fluffy towels. I’ll also be grabbing the ice buckets to keep my wine cold during my next self-care night, and perhaps some pretty drinking glasses to use while I zen out in the bath. Sounds nice, right? Join me!

The design crew from Pottery Barn also decked out Hailey’s green room and dressing room, along with the backstage lounge. So if your living room or bedroom is in need of a little zhuzh-ing up, the pretty pieces below should do the trick.

Shop Other Pottery Barn Picks From Hailey Bieber’s Hangouts

The ~new and improved~ bathroom decor made its debut during Hailey’s most recent Who’s In My Bathroom? episode with Gwyneth Paltrow. And according to a Pottery Barn press release, it’ll also be featured in two more episodes this season, so keep your eyes peeled.

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