Texas Woman Arrested For Stealing A Dog While Delivering For Amazon

A woman in Texas has been arrested for stealing a couple’s dog while she was out delivering packages on behalf of Amazon.

The age of the high street store is coming to an end. If we want something nowadays, we simply order it online and it is delivered right to our door, sometimes as soon as the very next day. Nine times out of ten, we are doing that ordering from Amazon. Jeff Bezos company currently has quite a monopoly on online shopping.

There are pitfalls to online shopping, though. Above, we highlighted that getting a package the very next day is a good thing. However, if you buy that same item at a store, you get it instantly. We can sometimes be fooled into thinking an item isn’t what we thought it would be too, even if that wasn’t the intention of the seller.

Perhaps the biggest problem we have with online shopping is the people bringing us our packages. The vast majority of them are good, honest people, of course. However, some of them are dog stealers, or at least one of them is. Yahoo News reports Mycah Keyona Wade was recently arrested for stealing a couple’s dog in Texas while she was out delivering packages.

The couple’s dachshund RJ had escaped that morning, and Wade stopped to pick him up when she found him outside the house. She then asked some nearby landscapers where the dog had come from, and they pointed towards the owners’ house. Then, instead of returning RJ to his home, she hopped back in the van she arrived in and an unnamed driver proceeded to drive away.

Thanks to a Ring video recorded at a neighbor’s house, who Wade had also delivered to that day, police were able to track the dog thief down and begin the search for RJ. Wade had given the pup to someone living 45 minutes away. She got RJ back and gave him to the police. He has now been returned home safe and sound. Amazon has addressed the situation and has apparently been in touch with the couple from which RJ was stolen.

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