Terrifying video shows the moment paraglider becomes tangled in parachute midair

Not today, death.

A French paraglider has just released terrifying footage of a botched stunt that sent him plunging toward his end. The video, shot on March 6, shows the excruciating 20 seconds in which the parachute pilot was in free fall, thousands of feet in the air, above Les Pleiades mountain in Switzerland.

The extreme sportsman, who chose to withhold his identity, eventually pulled his emergency parachute after struggling for several agonizing seconds, tangled midair in the ropes of his primary chute. He eventually escapes the ropes’ grips, and guides himself to a meadow — completely unharmed.

“It took me several days to realize what had happened as I was in a state of shock, I didn’t realize,” he told Newsflare. “I now realize how lucky I was.”

“I am 32-years-old and I have been adventuring for 15 or 16 years,” he continued. “I am also a kayak instructor, mountain bike instructor — I supervise the groups. And I am aware of the risks, I like to push my limits and I take all the precautions but sometimes things go wrong.”

He went on to explain that — second chute aside — the fact he had a clear path for an emergency landing was remarkable.

“I landed in a meadow between two forests without any injury or material damage,” he added, “as if an angel had protected me.”

Paraglider are known for getting themselves into sticky situations, such as an American paraglider filmed himself as he crashed into the side of a mountain in the Swiss Alps last year, and managed to live to tell the tale.

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