Tekashi 6ix9ine Refuses To Hire More Security After Gym Attack

Even though the people who attacked Tekashi 6ix9ine haven’t been caught, the rapper insists he’s not increasing his security detail.

Last week, Tekashi was attacked a South Florida gym and was subsequently hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. Though authorities are investigating, they’ve yet to arrest anyone in connection to the crime.

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“[Tekashi 6ix9ine was] attacked in a Sauna at a gym by three or four thugs who beat him up (he tried fighting back),” the rapper’s attorney, Lance Lazzaro, said in a statement. “He had cuts to his face and bruises. Employees heard the disturbance and the perpetrators fled,” he added.

With the identity and motive of the attackers unknown, it’s possible that Tekashi is still a threat. However, he doesn’t seem to be concerned. According to TMZ, sources have confirmed that not only is Tekashi not hiring extra security, but he’s been going out in public without any protection at all. So far, he hasn’t had a problem.

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“He’s actually been going out in public without his hired muscle pretty regularly over the last year — without issue,” the publication reports. “We’re told he’s not about to let one incident change the way he lives. He wants to continue to live as normal a life as possible … and is chalking up the gym beatdown as an outlier.”

TMZ added, “What’s more, Tekashi has no plans on leaving South Florida, despite the attackers saying snitches weren’t welcome in their neighborhood.”

Tekashi’s attorney also reportedly told TMZ that he’s going to insist on federal protection for his client, though the rapper seems disinterest in accepting, if it’s offered.

Though Tekashi may not be upping his security, the team he has is apparently very dedicated. His personal bodyguard, Bam-Bam, was quick to offer up a reward to the attackers if they accept a challenge to fight him.

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Some rumors were suggesting that Bam-Bam was involved in the beatdown. To deny the rumors, he offered $10,000 to the attackers in exchange for facing him head-on. Bam-Bam added he’s prepared to face four people at once.

“If you lose you die,” the bodyguard said.

So far, no one has come forward to accept the challenge. Tekashi – who has a history of gang connections and criminal activity – apparently has no plans to leave Florida. But with the attackers’ insistence that he’s not welcome, this may not be the end of the contention.

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