‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Ryan Gets Out Of Jail & Amber Thinks She Might Be Pregnant

Ryan Edwards returned home during the July 1 episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’, after spending 90 days in jail. Meanwhile, Amber Portwood and Cheyenne Floyd contemplated having more babies.

Half of the Teen Mom OG cast had baby fever during the July 1 episode, as both Amber Portwood and Cheyenne Floyd were busy making plans for their future. Amber actually thought she was pregnant, which was something she revealed to her family during James‘ 1st birthday party. She nonchalantly told her ex, Gary, and his wife, Kristine, that she was five days late. And while everyone — including her mom — looked completely shocked by the news, Amber said she “found a good man”, so she didn’t feel the need to use birth control. But when Amber’s mom later asked Andrew if they were getting married anytime soon, he said it was “all about timing”. Amber didn’t know what that meant, but he said that he had goals he wanted to achieve before tying the knot. Amber looked upset by his answer, but later, when she actually took a pregnancy test and found out that she wasn’t pregnant, she told Andrew that she didn’t care when they got married — even if it was 10 years from now.

As for Cheyenne, her and Matt‘s relationship started getting more serious. So much so, in fact, that she said she already sent him pictures of engagement rings that she’d want to wear. She also talked to her friends and family about wanting another baby by the time her daughter, Ryder, turned 2. And since Ryder is already 2-years-old, Cheyenne’s already behind schedule. But her family urged her to wait until she’s at least engaged before getting pregnant again. Meanwhile, all this talk of Cheyenne getting pregnant again threw her ex, Cory, for a loop. While he doesn’t have an interest in reuniting with Cheyenne, he said that he still thinks it’ll be weird to see her having a baby with someone else. Either way, he seems to really like Matt, so things look to be going in a good direction.

Meanwhile, Ryan Edwards finally got out of jail after spending 90 days behind bars. And while most of his family was excited for him to return home, Ryan was suffering from extreme anxiety after witnessing some pretty traumatic stuff in prison. His parents told producers that Ryan’s buddy got stabbed 10 times the night before he was released. Ryan also witnessed someone getting their head bashed in. So Ryan wasn’t in the best of the moods upon getting home. And poor Bentley suffered the consequences, because Ryan barely interacted with him during his visit, which just upset Maci Bookout.

Finally, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra geared up for Carly‘s 10th birthday. Even though they hadn’t seen their daughter in nearly two years, they still wanted to do something special for her since they’ve been slacking with the gift giving. After talking to their adoption counselor, Dawn, Catelynn came up with an idea to make Carly an updated scrapbook — just like the one they gave her after they placed her for adoption — so Carly can see new photos of her birth family.

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