Teen contortionist loves to do her homework in incredible positions

A teenage contortionist will put your lockdown yoga to shame with her incredible moves.

Roxy Kobyliukh, one of the UK’s bendiest youngsters, is taking ‘flexible working’ to a new level.

The 13-year-old, who lives in West London with her mum and dad, will happily do her homework in the ‘triple fold position.’

She can also bend her spine in half backwards, by lying on her stomach and bending her feet to her ears and even uses her laptop in the unique pose.

The teen said: ‘I love being a contortionist because it’s unique and not many people can do it.

‘It’s so fun doing tricks and getting reactions from people that have never seen anything like it before.

‘My favourite contortion moves are a triple fold, rupple backbend or any type of bendy handstand.’

It was clear Roxy was talented from the age of five, when she discovered she was more flexible than other children at her gymnastics club. 

Now, almost a decade later, Roxy is training 15 hours a week and hopes to join Cirque du Soleil one day.

Her mum, 41-year-old Uliana, said: ‘Roxy’s gymnastics coach noticed she was very flexible when she was only little – she never cried when doing the difficult stretches. She was absolutely fine.

‘I’m not flexible at all – I don’t know where she gets it from.

‘It was so surprising to see that she could do these things that would be painful if I tried to do them myself.

‘At first, I was worried about all of the stuff she was doing as I didn’t want her to hurt herself. I’m fine now because I know she’s so safe and careful with her training.’

But Roxy isn’t just nailing her moves, she’s also getting top grades – even with homeschooling. 

Uiana added: ‘I’m so proud of her. She’s a really hardworking girl and she’s really good at school as well, she’s always in the highest groups in the class. I don’t know how she does it.’

Roxy is also keeping busy as an ambassador for clothing brands such as SHEIN, Balance Athletica and Fabletics.

After taking to social media to show off her amazing moves during the pandemic, the talented teen now has more than 140k followers on her Instagram page.

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