Tattoo artists reveal the inking they NEVER recommend

We’re tattoo artists and there’s an inking we NEVER recommend you have – it’s bad luck

  • Tattoo artists in Sydney have revealed on TikTok which inking you should avoid
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Tattoo artists have been asked which type of inking they recommend customers never request – and they all have the same answer.

A TikTok video from MARKD Tattoo studio in Sydney, Australia, asked several of its in-house artists what they would say if a customer asked for a tattoo of a partner’s name.

Without much hesitation, and barely looking up from their work as they inked other people’s bodies, the artists agreed they would never recommend anyone has their partner’s name tattooed on them.

From a flat-out ‘don’t do it’ to more thought-out explanations as to why they thought it was a bad idea, the hard-working artists all said they would hesitate to carry out the inkings for clients.

And one artist went one step further, even claiming it may ‘curse’ your relationship if you have your partner’s name tattooed.

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The TikTok video surveys four male tattoo artists at the studio for their opinions on the style.

A woman asks: ‘How do you feel about couples wanting to get their partner’s name tattooed on them?’

The first tattooist responds: ‘Oi, don’t.’ 

He then adds: ‘Unless you’ve like, got kids or married. If not, it’s bad luck.’ 

Tattoo artists at MARKD Tattoo Studio in Sydney, Australia were asked in a TikTok video what advice they would give to a customer who wanted their partner’s name tattooed on their body – and they all had the same warning

Another artist agrees it’s a ‘pretty bad idea’, but says he does have his partner’s name tattooed on his arm, before flashing it to the camera.

He then adds: ‘Here’s the one I have but it’s my wife, so…’

The third artist, who wears a mask while tattooing his client, simply says: ‘It’s just taboo.’

The fourth artist goes into a little bit more detail when asked the same question.

After immediately warning ‘don’t do it’, he then elaborates: ‘It’s like a curse. You’ll probably break up the next week if you do it.

‘But if you lasted, then good on you. But I wouldn’t recommend it.’ 

Commenting on the video, people gave their own opinions on the trend of having a partner’s name tattooed on their skin.

One person disagreed with the artists and said: ‘Nah, its not a curse. My man got my name as his first tattoo after a year we’ve been together. We’re married now, 5 years being together.’

Another person wrote: ‘My dad has my moms whole face on his arm’ – although did not elaborate on whether his parents are still together.

Another commenter wrote: ‘My friend did that a month in to dating someone, been married for 10 years.’

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