Tall people problems? It's a LONG list!

Tall people problems? It’s a LONG list! Hilarious social media snaps capture the issues you encounter when you tower above the crowd

  • Tall people from around the world have shared photos of their problems
  • One man can stick his head out of the sun roof when he drives the car
  • Another has to carry a card preempting all the questions people ask him 

Whether it’s to play sports or be a supermodel, many people dream of being tall. But these photos prove that having a few extra inches isn’t as glamorous as it might seem.

People from around the world have shared social media snaps capturing the unique problems experienced by tall people, from struggling for leg room on the train to crouching on airplanes. 

One man, believed to be from the US, showed how he can stick is head out of the sunroof when driving a small car. 

Another 6ft 10in man carries a playful information card filled with answers to the predictable questions he is commonly asked, including ‘how is the weather up there?’ and ‘do you play basketball?’

The photos were shared in a Diply gallery. Here are some of the best examples…  

That’ll lead to back problems! One man had to bend over double to read the instructions on an ATM machine. It is one of several social media snaps capturing ‘tall people problems’  

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Look where you’re going! One driver, believed to be from the US, showed how he can stick his head out of the top of a small car when driving… let’s hope that’s not his car! 

Let me guess: One 6ft 10in American man carries this card with answers to questions he’s commonly asked, including whether he plays basketball or if the weather is nice ‘up there’

Mind your head: This person collided with a landing in a house made for shorter people

Bending down: This airplane passenger had to lean over in order to fit down the aisle

Flexible: This tall TV presenter stood with his feet apart in order to make sure his head was in line with his shorter interviewee on camera

But first, let me take a selfie! This man, thought to be from the UK, proved how difficult it is when mirrors are hung at eye height for shorter people

Even kids get caught out! This child was too tall to ride on the kiddie swing at a theme park

How una-pee-ling! This man could see over the door of a toilet stall and stopped to take a snap

Capturing the moment: This man was unfortunately cut out of a group shot thanks to his height

Obstruction: This beer pong player, thought to be from the US, had the extra challenge of avoiding a low ceiling

Morning commute: This man is so tall his head touches the ceiling of the subway carriage

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