Supermarket deals: Cheap offers from Aldi, Lidl, Waitrose and Sainsbury

Weekly food shops can cost a lot when shopping at certain supermarkets and when not making the most of the special deals available. While branded food tends to be more expensive than own-brand, Love Money has shared their weekly round up of branded and own branded deals that you can get your hands on this week in the shops.


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Love Money is all about making that cash stretch further and getting more for your money.

Looking at all the major supermarkets in the UK, the money saving website has rounded up great grocery offers from each supermarket.

Looking at supermarkets from Aldi to Waitrose, Love Money has listed everything from own brand items that are on offer this week to branded items that are cheaper in certain supermarkets.

From Walkers Crisps to Diet Coke, they have shared their weekly roundup of all the great deals in supermarkets this week.


Double cream (300ml) – Was 89p Now 85p

Fat free authentic Greek yogurt (500g) – Was £1.39 Now £1.29

Cheese feast stuffed crust pizza (500g) – Was £1.89 Now £1.75

Pickled whole baby beetroot (440g) – Was 55p Now 49p

Wholemeal pitta (six pack) – Was 42p Now 39p

Reduced sugar cranberry juice drink (1L) – Was 79p Now 75p

Peach and orange blossom gin (70cl) – Was £15.99 Now £14.99

Strawberry and watermelon vodka crush (50cl) – Was £11.99 Now £8.99

Baron Amarillo rioja reserva (75cl) – Was £5.79 Now £5.49

Beachfront Californian moscato (75cl) – Was £4.99 Now £4.49

Supermarket deals: Cheap grocery offers from Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Morrisons and Tesco
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Richmond thick pork sausages (410g) – Was £2 Now £1.50

Young’s salmon fillets (240g) – Was £4 Now £3.39

Grower’s Selection honeydew melon – Was £1.79 Now £1

Grower’s Selection baby plum tomatoes (325g) – Was £1 Now 95p

Grower’s Selection blackberries (150g) – Was £1.69 Now £1.49

Lucozade Energy orange (six pack) – Was £3 Now £2

Walkers Quavers cheese flavour lightly curly potato snacks (12 pack) – Was £2.95 Now £2.50

Diet Coke (2L) – Was £2.10 Now Two for £3

Robinsons fruit and barley summer fruits squash no added sugar (1L) – Was £1.50 Now £1.25


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Chicken legs (1kg) – Was £1.75 Now £1.49

Deluxe outdoor-bred pork sausages (400g) – Was £1.99 Now £1.59

Yellow pepper – Was 42p Now 35p

Spring onion (bunch) – Was 48p Now 35p

Grapefruit – Was 48p Now 35p

Oaklands lemons (500g) – Was £1.09 Now 69p

Deluxe Alexandra salad potatoes (750g) – Was 99p Now 69p

Fanta (2L) – Now £1.49

J20 Spritz (750ml) – Now 99p

Capri Sun orange (eight pack) – Now 1.99

Jacob’s savoury snacks (six pack) – Now 99p


Flat iron steak (365g) – Was £4 Now Two for £7

Breaded chicken steaks (500g) – Was £2.25 Now £2

Birds Eye Chicken Shop buttermilk chicken strips (350g) – Was £4 Now £3

Strawberries (350g) – Was £2 Now Two for £3

Seedless red grapes (500g) – Was £1.75 Now Two for £3

Iceberg lettuce – Was 62p Now 49p

Active Intensely Creamy strawberry yoghurt (four pack) – Was £2 Now £1

Bonne Maman strawberry and rhubarb yoghurt (450g) – Was £2.50 Now £1.50

Halo Top protein sea salt caramel (three pack) – Was £5 Now £2.50


Taste the Difference beef burgers (680g) – Was £5 Now £4

Taste the Difference loch trout fillets (240g) – Was £5 Now £3.75

Medium pineapple – Was £1 Now 75p

Nectarine punnet (four pack) – Was £1 now 75p

Ripe and ready mango (two pack) – Was £1.50 Now £1.35

Galia melon – Was £1.25 Now 75p

Large flat mushrooms (250g) – Was £1 Now 90p

Yeo Valley Organic semi skimmed milk (2L) – Was £2.20 Now £1.80

Wotsits Really Cheesy snacks (12 pack) – Was £3 Now £2.50

Nutella chocolate spread (750g) – Was £4.65 Now £3.50


Corned beef slices (120g) – Was £3.50 Now Two for £5

Salmon fillets with spinach and lemon pesto (260g) – Was £5.99 Now £5

Scottish mussels in garlic butter (two x 250g) – Was £3.49 Now £2.61

Mild Scottish oak smoked salmon (100g) – Was £4.99 Now Two for £7

Baby corn and peas (190g) – Was £2 Now Two for £3

Baby new potatoes (750g) – Was £1.50 Now £1

White flesh nectarines (four pack) – Was £3 Now Two for £4

Walkers cheese and onion crisps (six pack) – Was £1.50 Now Three for £4

Orange juice with bits (1L) – Was £1.60 Now Two for £3

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