Studios Extraordinaires Launches With Aurora Noir And Space Marshals Projects — Cannes Market

EXCLUSIVE: A Swedish producer, Studios Extraordinaires, has launched in Cannes with an ambitious slate of film and TV projects.

The company is the brainchild of Swedish screenwriter and producer André Hedetoft, whose credits include feature film Bieffekterna and short film Double Trouble. It aims to create, acquire, manage and produce TV and films projects with partners from international entertainment companies.

He recently launched Studios Extraordinaires but Cannes marks its official launch. Hedetoft is in town with three projects: Aurora Noir, Expeditions and Space Marshals and has been holding talks with potential international partners.

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Aurora Noir is based on artist Tim Razumovsky’s universe, which combines neo-noir aesthetics with retro science fiction. He is working with Studios Extraordinaires to develop the project into TV series, films and books.

Expeditions is an adaptation of an upcoming console game from Malmö-based game studio Infinite Mana Games. TV series and films are planned.

Space Marshals is another game adaptation, and is being pitched as an animated TV and film project. Earlier this month, Studios Extraordinaires struck a deal with Helsingborg-based game studio Pixelbite to develop the latter’s iOS and Android top-down third-person shooter game, whose third edition was recently named Apple Game of the Year.

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