Student reveals the amount of dirt and food hidden on her wooden spoon

Time to ditch your wooden spoon? Stomach-churning video reveals how much dirt and food particles are lurking inside the utensil

  • A British student teacher, 20, revealed the amount of dirt on her wooden spoon
  • She took to TikTok to clean her wooden utensil in a glass filled with boiling water
  • The water became filled with dirt and food which had been clung to the spoon
  • People were disgusted at the results and queried their own cleaning methods

After whipping up dinner, most of us give the wooden spoon a good scrub, leave it to dry and forget about it until it’s needed again, but it turns out your efforts at cleaning might be falling dramatically short.  

One British woman has made many people doubt their choice of kitchen utensil after sharing a TikTok video showing the amount of dirt hidden on a wooden spoon.

The student teacher, 20, left people disgusted after using boiling water to show the dirt that had clung to her spoon, making others reconsider their own cleaning techniques.

A British student teacher, 20, left people disgusted after revealing the amount of dirt that had clung to her wooden spoon by cleaning it with boiling water 

Posting under the username, she put her wooden spoon in a glass before filling it up with boiling water.

She left the spoon to stew in the glass for a while, returning to find the water had turned a murky yellow colour and was filled with bits of dirt and old food.

Alongside the clip, the horrified cleaning fanatic wrote: ‘I was not prepared for this [vomiting emoji]’

She admitted that she had binned her wooden spoon after her shocking cleaning experiment, with floods of other TikTokers vowing to follow in her footsteps. 

People were left taken aback by the disgusting results of the video, with many admitting that they were worried to discover what was hidden on their own spoons.

One person wrote: ‘I’m not doing this to my years old wooden spoons. I don’t want to know. It boosts my immune system.’

She left a wooden spoon in boiling water, before returning to find the water murky and filled with dirt and food, making many question their own cleaning techniques for the utensil

Another commented: ‘Wooden spoons hold the most bacteria and mould. One of the most porous materials!’ 

While a third said: ‘I don’t want to think about my grandma’s 30+ year old spoons’

And a fourth insisted: ‘This is why I don’t use wooden spoons.’

One TikToker who said they were a health inspector also claimed that they don’t let kitchens use wooden utensils because of how hard they are to clean properly.

They commented: ‘We don’t let kitchens have wooden utensils because wood is essentially a sponge for stuff like that. Impossible to fully clean.’

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